‘The biggest peacetime operation of it’s kind’ Monarch

A very sad day today after it was announced only a few hours ago that Monarch Airlines have now ceased trading. Monarch is the country’s 5th biggest airline and the largest ever to go into administration. It was announced at 4am this morning because as the airline automatically loses it’s operating licence they had to wait until their were no planes in the air and this was at 4am.

The companies entered into administration today are Monarch Airlines , Monarch Holidays, First Aviation, Avro and Somewhere to Stay.

With the size of Monarch this will also be a mammoth task, forcing the CAA to initiate their biggest ever repatriation effort. Airlines have already been over 30 planes over the last 24 hours to London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds Bradford ready to bring passengers home if Monarch did cease trading.

All passengers abroad who are due to travel in the next two weeks will be repatriated as nearest to the original time they were due to be flying home and will be notified within 48 hours of their rescheduled flight. So the message is ‘continue enjoying your holiday and wait news for your alternative flight details’.

For future travellers its all about re booking your new flights , and I guess the question is will flight costs now rocket due to the demand and will other airlines cash in or be sympathetic and keep their prices as they are. Time will tell.

I have been in this industry for nearly 30 years and throughout the years Monarch has played a huge part every aspect of the job I have done and still do.

I remember many companies who have also ceased trading in previous years, Intasun holidays was one of the biggest ever known back then, I remember receiving a call at 6am to say Intasun had gone bust and we had customers literally queuing out of the shop and down the street looking for alternative holidays or looking for their refund.

The airline says that the loss of profits started from the terror attacks in both Tunisia and Egypt which then made the competition for flights to Greece and Spain very competative with other airlines in having to keep their prices low.

If you have booked your flight through Cruise.Co.Uk then please speak to your cruise consultant for the latest advice. We are of course ATOL licensed so we will look after your holiday arrangements and try to find you alternative flights.

Best Wishes Holly



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