Are Standards Slipping or Improving Onboard?

As a company we make sure we call you on your return home from your cruise to gain feedback as to how you enjoyed your trip or you may write a review on our website as to how your trip went.

For many of you when we call this will have been your second or more cruise so I guess you have a comparison of the cruises you have had before. In this industry it is easy to make comparisons on all aspects of the cruises we have had previously.

The feedback I have had recently from these calls is that on certain ships the standards are slipping and not the same as they once were. I wont comment on the cruiseline in question as that will be unfair as this of course is a personal opinion from my customers but I ask myself the question are standards slipping?.

The feedback was that the service on board wasn’t quite as good and with basic requests the staff were less than accommodating.

On top of that the meals served in the main dining room were lacking choice and the food came out cold , the staff seemed overstretched and the smiles on the faces on the crew were not apparent at all.

Alternatively and not to get too despondent I have had many calls where the cruisline and staff on board have exceeded all expectations and the service onboard was exemplary.

There could be many reasons for service lacking. Could this be a cost cutting exercise where staff are not in abundance as they once were so staff are overworked which also impacts meals going out slightly less then hot. Could it also be the time of year when a cruiseship goes out full so again the staff are overstretched and so busy they cant give 100 per cent .

Could the service be exemplary because the cruiseline in 6 star and have a higher staff to passenger ratio or could it be that the captain runs a tight ship and often makes his presence felt to the staff and the passengers and has a fabulous team that nip any issues in the bud .

I would be interested in your thoughts as to your experience.

Personally I have sailed on Celebrity Eclipse this year and the staff service and food was wonderful , nothing too much trouble and the food they would offer you anything at all that you wished for. My own personal opinion and experience.

So if you have any feedback where the service and food exceeded your expectations or if a cruise you let standards had slipped slightly then please do add your comments at the bottom of this blog.

It is easy I guess for us to criticize and sometimes it is warranted  but then we also need to balance the books and compliment where warranted too.

I look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes Holly