My Alaska cruise part 2……


So here it is part 2 of my trip to to Alaska.  I remember it like it was yesterday not nearly 15 years ago, although many people say it’s a once in a lifetime trip , I would love to return.

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My first cruise, and what a cruise……Alaska!

Welcome to Alaska
A client of mine asked me the other day which was my favourite cruise destination, and it has to be the very first cruise I did, nearly 15 years ago.  Although I had been selling them for several years , my manager at the time thought it was about time I tried one for myself, and what a cruise to start…… an Alaskan cruise! I had a what we call a ‘Fam Trip’ a jolly more like it with Princess Cruise’s on board Sea Princess. I flew out to Vancouver had 2 days there, then a 7 nights cruise from Vancouver back to Vancouver.  

 I was a little apprehensive about doing a cruise but none about going to Canada and Alaska. I had the common worries of first time cruisers….age, restriction’s of being on a ship, is there enough to do, how much will I spend, formal dining etc etc.

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Ditch the New Years resolutions!!

Buffet from istock

Tue 17th Jan, 2017 was..Ditch the New Years Resolutions Day, are you still sticking to yours?  As the clock struck midnight on January 1st, millions of inspired people around the world pledged to honour their New Year’s resolutions. But almost 3 weeks in, the commitment has already dwindled. Are you still on track with your New Years Resolution?? Many of us made New Year’s resolutions. Then we will struggle to keep them. Holidays in particular offer a challenge to those who have vowed, for instance, not to overindulge. If you decide to take a cruise, however, options on board the ships actually may help you keep at least some of your goals for the new year.

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New Year…..its diet time!


Yet again, its a New Year which means its a new diet, Bacon has been replaced with Muesli , chocolate seems to have disappeared and the wine rack is bursting…..with sparkling water!   Did you have an over indulgent Christmas, (honestly, who doesn’t), and now your about to go on a cruise?

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A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year…….

Fred funnel

As many of you know last weekend I attended our annual conference.  This year for a change it wasn’t a mini cruise out of Southampton but a mini cruise out of Liverpool……..great for our Northern homeworkers!   For me though it was a little trickier but decided in the end to drive the 205 miles each way.  

This year we held our conference on the Fred Olsen Boudicca sailing out of Liverpool with a day in Dublin and  have to say I had such an amazing time.  Our conferences are not just an excuse for a party as we do get to socialise with many of our cruise line partners and also many of our very own staff who we’ve never met or ones we only get to meet once a year.  So for that very reason its well worth attending.

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Adonia is coming home…….and she’s on sale now!


Really good news recently when P&O announced that the much loved Adonia, which left the fleet in 2015, will be making a comeback. I think this is fantastic news as I’ve had so many P&O customers asking what had happened to her.

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Princess to offer more from UK in 2018………


Princess Cruises has unveiled its biggest season of sailings from the UK for 2018.  As you know if you’ve read my previous blogs my last 2 cruises have been with Princess and I have to say they are my favourite.  My last cruise was onboard Caribbean Princess to the Fjords, click here to read all about it.

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P&O to go bigger again………

this is currently P&O's biggest!

P&O Cruises has announced they want to go bigger!   They have ordered a new 180,000 ton LNG powered ship which should be launched in 2020.  What is LNG I hear you ask?  Its Liquefied Natural Gas apparently……..very green!

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Duke of Lancaster and its retro arcade games….

Stricken ship off the North Wales coast

I’ve just come across this article which I read with interest as it involved a ship and even more worrying retro arcade games I remember playing when I was a boy.  I can remember when I was about 5 years old being given money to go to my local shop and play these games so funny to see them.

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Icky virus or sticky sanitizer…..

Simple but for some too time consuming!

Most cruise travellers sail happily and healthily, but from Norovirus to Zika virus, seasickness to dehydration and hangovers to jet lag, cruise ship passengers can easily succumb to a number of ailments. The cruise industry has become militant about hygiene on its ships, and the war against norovirus. Cruise lines query passengers about their health before they board to squirting sanitizer onto diners’ palms before meals. The virus is easily transmitted, meaning thousands of people in close proximity on an ocean voyage can quickly become ill, but is this our faults? Are we honest?

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