What’s your favourite part of a cruise?

Whether you are relatively new to cruising or a seasoned cruiser, you must have a favourite thing when it comes to cruising? Do you love the formal nights, is it the prospect of a new port of call, is it not having to do the laundry the whole time you are away, or sitting on your balcony just watching the sea go by and enjoying the peace and quiet?
For me it always comes back to the same old thing – the food! I just can’t help myself at all. I spend all of my time just looking forward to the next meal, and I lurch into every meal seamlessly, no effort required, although the amount of choice does sometimes set my head spinning! I constantly have to remind myself that I don’t have to eat all that is offered at every sitting. I just love food.
For breakfast and lunch I am more than happy to use the buffet restaurant, and some evenings too if I’m honest, as I don’t always want to dress for dinner – I am on holiday after all. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity ships house my favourite buffet restaurants. A favourite breakfast on Equinox some years ago was Eggs Benedict with Canadian Maple cured ham – delicious!
I have eaten many different steaks on many different ships over the years, from 4* ships to 6* luxury ships although I usually plump for a Filet Mignon as it’s my favourite, and if Surf n Turf is on offer, well it would be rude not to wouldn’t it. My favourite ever steak at sea has to be the one I had a few years ago on NCL Epic in Cagney’s Steakhouse, yes, it beat anything I’ve had even on the 6* ships, so if you going on an NCL ship any time soon then make sure you book into Cagney’s.
And so to dessert. My all time favourite is Creme Brulee. I always choose this where ever I am, be it on a ship or the local pub. Creature of habit I am. Now a creme brulee is usually quite a small offering as it’s so rich but let me tell you, the Creme Brulee in the Moonlight Sonata (main dining room) on Celebrity is what I would call a ‘goodly portion’, possibly double the size of your average one, and if you speak nicely to the waiter you can always have a second one – that is of course if you are a pig like me 🙂 I think I have shared the story of the fabulous Basil Ice Cream on a river cruise on the AmaCerto before.
I could talk endlessly about food but that’s all for this week so please do let me know what is your favourite thing about cruising.
Until the next time, happy cruising folks!



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