What’s in a name?

…… and is it really that important? There are rumours abound that the name of Royal Caribbean’s newest Oasis Class ship, due to be launched in the Med in Summer 2018, has been revealed as Symphony of the Seas.

The slip of the tongue was allegedly made by Flowrider, inc, who supply Royal Caribbean’s on board surf simulators but has yet to be confirmed by Royal Caribbean themselves.

Names of new cruise ships are always a closely guarded secret, keeping cruise fans in suspense for as long as possible but is it really so important? I can’t understand the big fuss if I am honest. Does the name of a ship really matter that much. I mean it isn’t going to be a deal breaker is it? Will it stop you from cruising on the ship if you don’t care for the name?

Anyway, let’s assume that the ship will be named Symphony of the Seas, inoffensive enough, what do you think? Are you keen on the name? I suppose it sits quite nicely along side the name of it’s sister ship Harmony of the Seas doesn’t it? Do you have a better suggestion though?

Apart from the name it seems that the new ship will be identical in almost every way to Harmony of the Seas. Do we really need more of these enormous ships? They just seems to be getting bigger and bigger, and of course with Celebrity Edge and MSC Seaside there is going to be stiff competition out there for Royal Caribbean who seemed to have ruled the waves for so long, and charge top dollar to boot. MSC especially are going to give them a run for their money when it comes to affordability for guests.

It’s going to be an interesting time watching these big boys battle it out and I wonder if Royal Caribbean will be forced to price their cabins more reasonable. Their prices for 2017 are astronomical at the moment!

Oh well, that’s all for now but watch this space


As always, happy cruising folks !