Where to next?……

I just have to share this with you all…….
A lovely client of mine called me today, and it was good to chat to him as we hadn’t spoken for what seemed like ages. I asked him how he and his wife had enjoyed the full world voyage I booked for them last year. He told me that they had thoroughly enjoyed it, but they wanted to go somewhere different this year!!
And you think I’m joking………

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Cruise.co.uk in the news…..and this time it’s me!

I am really pleased to find this article on the Travolution website . They do say that everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame!

Cruise.co.uk adds blogs by call centre agents

Author: Chloe Berman | 24 February 2010 Cruise.co.uk has set up individual blogs for all 40 of its call centre agents in an effort to offer a more personalised service to customers. Each agent writes a daily blog post, giving their observations or opinions about cruises, destinations and travel industry trends. Some also have a feature called ‘rate my service’ where clients can leave feedback. One of the most popular agents, Hannah Wilson, is attracting 600 readers to her site each week. Managing director Seamus Conlon said: “I wanted to put a face to a name. Rather than just having a site where you ring a number, this allows customers to see the agents and read their opinions. “When you sit down in a high street agency, you have no way of telling if an agent is knowledgeable. This way, customers can do some research before they call us.” The blogs are just the first stage in personalising the site, added Conlon.


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Baked Alaska, do it yourself

The highlight of a cruise for many  passengers is the Baked Alaska Parade. So, when you want to have this cruise highlight without going on a cruise, you can prepare your own Baked Alaska at home.

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The Cougars Continue to hunt for Cubs

I had many calls about my previous posts (here, here and here) about Cougars Cruises. There seems to be a high demand, both from Cubs and Cougars for this kind of activities.
So, I had a look and found out that there are still sailing options, organised by “specialised” companies. When you look at their sales talk, it looks a like like the “singles” cruises (see here for that).

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Shore Excursions – ‘the unofficial guide’……….. Part Two

Organised Shore Excursions……..
Unless you are familiar with your port of call, you are probably better joining an organised shore excursion, offered by all the cruise lines. These are organised and vetted by the cruise line. You will be accompanied by ship staff.

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Head of Sales and Operatons at www.cruise.co.uk gets ditched…….

Well, not literally, rather he ditched his car! This is what happened to Head of Sales and Operations here at Cruise.co.uk, Andrew Adler,  early this morning as he was making the 35 mile daily drive into our office. Fortunately Andrew was only shaken up by the incident and the damage to his car was minimal. We look forward to seeing him back in the office early tomorrow, all in one piece!

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Happy cruising 2010

I hope that all the readers of this posting have a great 2010. I will do all I can to help you to make this a great year for cruising. If you have any questions, please call me or send an email to HannahWilson.

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Park Guell – one of my favourite things…..

On a recent trip to Barcelona I visited this wonderful Park – an absolute must for anyone visiting the city on a cruise. The park is one of the architect Gaudis most universal artworks, and it is inspired by English style gardens.  It is a testimony to Gaudis capacity to find solutions in a rational and creative manner.

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Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish all of my clients a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to speaking to you all over the coming months.