NCL’s latest announcement receives mixed response from Cruisers………..

Well I for one was thrilled when NCL recently announced that as from 6th April they would be including the cost of drinks and gratuities in the cost of their cruises. “At last” I thought, one of the cruise lines has got the message. How much simpler life will be and let’s hope some of the other major players follow suit in the not too distant future.

Us Cruise Consultants find it just as frustrating as cruisers, this issue of gratuities especially and we have often said why don’t the cruise lines just include them in the price of the cruise? We feel your pain! So now that they are included, along with drinks, I think it’s brilliant, just quote a price and it includes everything.

Now of course the cruises are going to be slightly more expensive, it’s not rocket science is it, NCL aren’t going to throw them in free of charge and most people accept that and are happy with it, not everyone though. It’s the old saying, you please all of the people all of the time can you. This ‘all-inclusive’ deal will give passengers a Premium drinks package and all gratuities included in the price of the fare, worth up to £1200 per cabin based on 7 nights fly/cruise, based on two people sharing. Not bad hey? No need to worry about a huge on board bill to settle at the end of your cruise any more.

Just for the record, if you don’t drink alcohol you won’t miss out as all soft drinks, tea’s and coffee’s will be included too. Handy for parents travelling with children too.

While most loyal NCL cruisers are welcoming the news, as always there are those who are not happy about the move at all. One lady, who shall remain nameless, says “this is just a marketing ploy” while another complains that it won’t benefit her as she only drinks water anyway and why should she pay more for her cruise so that other passengers can get drunk! She sounds a barrel of laughs!

Overall the news has been well received though so well done NCL for leading the way, let’s hope the others will follow now!

Happy Cruising Folks!