Going Places – from the Garden…….. oh yes we are!

Goodness, I don’t like to complain but isn’t it hot! I know we should be grateful as we get little enough good weather during our Summers, but working in an office in this heat was all getting a little bit too much for my colleague Ben and I so last week we hatched a plan. We both live in the same village, Alvechurch, which is not far from Head Office in Redditch, Worcs, so we made our personal office in my garden. We are lucky to be able to connect to the office server from literally anywhere, so why not outdoors? It worked so well that the ‘garden office’ is still in full swing and will remain so as long as the warm weather lasts. A friend told me last night that this is the start of a 3 month heatwave so i don’t anticipate moving indoors any time soon. While Ben loves the sun, I need the shade of a parasol to work under. I am entirely the wrong age for such temperatures! One client asked if we were working in an aviary as he could hear the birds twittering while we were on the phone!


I must admit it is so much nicer than working indoors, you get a gentle breeze from time to time. I just have to keep moving around the table to keep in the shade as the sun moves round – good exercise at the same time then!

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Happy Cruising Folks!