Does size matter?

Give or take the occasional smaller luxury ship being launched, it seems that every ship has to be bigger than the last, with more and more facilities on board or more advanced technological features. It just seems to be the way of the cruising world at the moment and it beats me how the cruise lines think they are going to keep getting ‘bums on berths’, there are just so many to fill!

Last weekend saw the launch of the fantastic new offering from MSC, the Meraviglia, and what a ship she is! If there is a cruise line who can produce stunning ships with the ‘wow factor’ it’s MSC. I have been on three of their ships and they are beautiful. Meraviglia is no exception and I was blown away when I first saw her. She boasts the most interactive water park at sea, sports a central promenade (much like the Royal Caribbean ships), the longest LED dome at sea and an atmosphere pool. She looks sensational and I am sure she will be a huge draw for cruisers, especially those with families who need something to keep all age groups happy, along with stiff competition for the other industry ‘giants’.

But does everyone want a huge ship? I think not, yes they are great for families, but if you are cruising as a couple do you really want/need all these facilities or are you happy just being on a ship, a smaller one maybe and just enjoy relaxing and being at sea?

Fred Olsen and Cruise and Maritime are extremely popular, Adonia has been welcomed back by many loyal cruisers being the smallest ship in the P&O fleet, and the older smaller ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet seem to appeal to cruisers who don’t have the family coming along with them. Quite often clients say to me they want to steer clear of the biggest ships as they are just too big to walk around – imagine walking from the main dining room to the theatre after dinner to see a show!

What are your thoughts? Do you love these giant new ships and all their features or are you a fan of more traditional cruising?

For now, happy cruising folks!