What Will You Spend Yours On?

What will you spend yours on?

Speciality dining?



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Do you normally book your next cruise whilst you are on your current sailing? If you do, then I must congratulate you for being a savvy sailor and if you don’t normally book – why not?

Do you know the benefits you maybe missing out on?

As we all know cruising is growing in popularity every year – Celebrity Cruises expect one in five guests to book their next cruise whilst on board.

Let’s take a look at why Celebrity Cruises are claiming this – at the moment they have a great offer if you book an ocean view or above – you will receive a free classic drinks package and 300 US Dollars on board spend, this is for selected 2017/2018 cruises, but don’t worry if you can’t travel until 2019, they are still offering the classic drinks package, and as a massive thank you for booking whilst on board they will give you up to 500 US Dollars instant on board credit for the cruise that you are on! – that can’t be bad.

If you are looking to push the boat out ( pardon the pun ) if you book a suite class you get 3 free additional extras, premium drinks package, pre paid gratuities etc.

What if you don’t know when you will be cruising next and don’t want to commit to a date?

Easy – buy a future cruise certificate. Most cruise lines offer them. For instance if you purchase a future cruise certificate with P & O Cruises and as long as you book an Early Saver or Select fare they give you a low deposit and additional on board credit, the amount will vary depending on the length of the new cruise you book. They are usually valid for a couple of years so there is no need to feel as though you have to make any rash decisions.

So, if you are enjoying your cruise why not pop into the future sales office, have a quick word with one of the consultants and make the most of the benefits they are offering – but don’t forget to tell them that you want cruise.co.uk to look after your booking!!