Try It, You Might Like It

Last week I attended a presentation that we here at organised with Azamara cruises.

You may remember that earlier this year when Azamara Quest was in Liverpool I had the opportunity to look around her and I was interested to know from any of the attendees if they had been with Azamara before and what they thought of the cruise line etc. It was great to hear that the past passengers were full of praise for the ships, itineraries and service.

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I Am Back!

I am back.

What is it about taking time off for a holiday?

From the day you book your holiday  to the day you leave seems to take an age to come around,  but once you are there the days fly by and you are soon sat back at your desk and the sun and sea seem like a distant dream! It’s just not fair.

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Is A Cruise To The Caribbean A Good Idea?

Is a cruise to the Caribbean a good idea at this time of year?

I have to ask this question as I am currently sat in my office in Cyprus, looking at a beautiful azure sky reading the latest news advising that so many cruise lines have had to amend their courses due to the latest hurricane, Matthew, which is currently causing severe disruption to significant areas of the Caribbean.

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Do You Want Something Different?

Fed up of 7 and 14 night holidays? Want to try different experiences?

Fed up of just using Venice as a means to board your cruise ship?

How things have changed over the past few years. It wasn’t that long ago when we  saved like mad all year to get our 7 or 14 nights in the sun, packing as much as we could into those precious days.

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What Will They Think Of Next?

What new ideas will cruise ship designers come up with next?

We have state of the art this, state of the art that, acrobats, theme parks, robots, interactive wristbands – where will it end?

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Perfect Padstow

Perfect Padstow………

I am one very lucky Lady. Last Christmas my Daughter’s bought myself and my Husband a gift card to be used towards a stay at one of Rick Stein’s hotels in Padstow, Cornwall and last week we flew down from Manchester to enjoy our stay.

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Azamazing Azamara?

Was she AzAmazing?

It’s that time of year again when cruise ships call into Liverpool and we are lucky enough to visit and have a look around whilst the ship is in port.

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Suits You Sir!

Suits you Sir! Or should that be Suites you Sir!

Who would not want to stay in a luxurious suite? Have your every need attended to by your very own Concierge? Enjoy a spa bath on your wrap around balcony?

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Where In The World?

Where in the world do you want to go?

Relax for 5 minutes, take a load off and let your mind wander. Where do you most want to visit? and what will you do when you get there?

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What Are Your Thoughts On Tipping?

What are your thoughts on tipping? Do you feel under pressure to pay your gratuities? Have you had problems getting your tips removed from your account?

Tipping someone for receiving good service is part of a cruise holiday. I don’t think the majority of us mind rewarding staff for a job well done, it is a nice way to say thank you to a member of staff who has gone beyond their call of duty.

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