MSC Cruises – What Do You Think?

MSC Cruises – What do you think?

If I had a pound for the number of times I have asked the question to a customer ” What about MSC Cruises? ” and the reply is ” No, not them, everything is in Italian and all they serve is pizza and pasta! ” My bank balance would definitely be looking healthier than it does at the moment.

So, this year when it came to looking at a cruise from Venice, I opted to book a week on MSC Musica.

I have already cruised on MSC Preziosa, that was a ” work ” trip, so you can’t always get a true picture as you are travelling in a group etc.

I booked a balcony cabin on their Aurea experience. The extra money spent was definitely worth it. The all inclusive drinks package, access to ” Top 16 ” sun deck, complimentary treatment in the spa are just three of the extras included in the price.

Venice cruise terminal was, as always, exceptionally busy, 4 ships were in port on the Sunday, but as we had the Aurea experience, check in was really speedy and we boarded the ship very quickly. Unfortunately, the cabins weren’t available until 2.00pm, so we had a drink and a beautiful fruit kebab in our exclusive sun deck and then went to the buffet. This was, as usual, on most ships on boarding, hectic! There is definitely an art to getting the food on your plate when surrounded by, let’s say, people from nations that don’t understand the concept of a queue!

And yes, there was pizza and four different types of pasta dishes, but there was also fresh salads, a carvery, soup, fresh fruit, hamburgers, hot dogs and even a curry! Lots of choices.

It was time then to venture to our cabin – we were impressed, it was a good size, clean and well maintained – everything you need for a 7 night cruise.

After muster, it was time to go on deck for what I think is one of the most exciting parts of a cruise – the sailaway, and this was made special this time as we were sailing out of Venice and we would, hopefully, be able to see our Daughters near St Marks Square as we went past, we weren’t disappointed – we saw them and waved like fools!

We then settled down on a couple of loungers and enjoyed a cocktail or two as we sailed away from Venice to the open sea and looked forward to discovering the ship and the destinations we were about to visit.