Last Blog About Oceania – I Promise ( For Now )

I promise that, for now, this will be the last blog I write about Oceania – and just in case you are wondering they aren’t giving me any backhanders to do these you know!

It is just that I had such a wonderful time on board – Good nights sleep – Tick, Fantastic food – Tick, Outstanding service – Tick – so what else is there to say?

I really just wanted to share with you a few pictures.

The cabin – we had a Concierge grade. You have to bear in mind that on small ships the majority of the cabins are fairly compact in size and as Insignia is one of their older vessels there are a couple of things that anyone potentially booking should be aware of – not that I think it would put you off!

Bathroom – it is bijou to say the least and to my horror, ┬álurking in the corner was a shower curtain, I really don’t like shower curtains, do you? But, once I had got over it, what can you do – you just get on with it

The outside space certainly makes up for the lack of space in the cabin. Even when we left Seville at lunchtime, don’t forget that the ship was full, there was plenty of space available to relax in the sun. The sun loungers were so comfortable, what a fantastic way to watch the scenery slip by as we made our way from Seville to the ocean.

If you get fed up of enjoying the sun, you can always head to the spa and use the hydrotherapy showers, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. As always, The Canyon Ranch Spa is stunning, but as always, incredibly expensive.

What about the itinerary?

I haven’t visited Lisbon before, so we duly shunned the Oceania excursions, exited the cruise terminal and jumped on the hop on/off bus for a couple of hours fun. Tis is a great way to see any City for a reasonable cost – did you know that Lisbon has a lookalike Golden Gate Bridge – no, neither did I!

So once again, if you want small ship, country house hotel casual, wonderful food and fantastic service, look no further than Oceania cruises