Food Glorious Food!

Food Glorious Food!

What do you enjoy most about a cruise – is it the entertainment? Interesting ports of call,  or is it the food?

You may recall from my last blog that over the last bank holiday weekend,  together with a wonderful colleague from, Barbara,  I was invited for a 3 day taster trip on Oceania Insignia from Seville to Lisbon.

I have always been aware that one of the major plus points with Oceania is their food. In fact, many customers return to Oceania for this very reason.

How many times we are regularly told by customers travelling with other cruise lines about the drop in food standards, so I was keen to sample their offerings.

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

The food was the best I have ever tasted on board a cruise ship, especially in the Polo Grill.  Forget the choice of   whole lobster, the gigantic prawns, the succulent mouth watering steak, the best thing was a side dish! and do you know what it was? Plain old mac n cheese – but with the addition of lobster and a zillion calories of cream!

Don’t get me started on the desserts!!

Soft marshmallows with your choice of dipping sauce, the smoothest creme brulee. Why stop at one dessert when you can have them all?

As this was part of Insignia’s World Cruise, it was lovely to meet and chat to some of the guests that had been sailing on her since January this year. It’s no wonder that you see these people doing at least 100 laps of the deck – if not, they would require rolling off the ship at the end of their 6 months on board.

Even though I only had the chance to experience three nights on board, I would certainly recommend an Oceania cruise, if just for the food alone. I have included some photos of dishes we had but if you want menus, details of how often you can get reservations in these restaurants, let me know.

If you are a foodie and haven’t experienced Oceania – you are definitely missing out.