Chinese Grand Prix At Sea?

Chinese Grand Prix at sea? – Don’t laugh – Norwegian Cruise Line  are trying their best to please their  Formula One fans.

I am only asking as I see Norwegian cruise Line have announced that they will have a first at sea – a ground breaking race track , it will be sponsored by the Italian giant in racing – Ferrari.

Sadly for us here in the UK,  this new two level race track will only feature  on their newest ship, Norwegian Joy, which is their ship being built entirely for the Chinese market.

msc f1

It does sound great fun though – up to 10 at a time can compete against one another in electric go karts to find a champion – the cruise line aren’t just offering this because they love motor racing, they have teamed up with Scuderia Ferrari Watches and these will be on sale in the  race track shop, possible for the price of a Ferrari – who knows?

This has got me thinking if  MSC will react to this news.

Did you know that MSC have F1 simulators on some of their cruise liners. I saw one whilst on Preziosa a couple of years ago. I didn’t try it though – when you look at the size of the drivers seat and how slender you need to be to get in it! – you need the body of a race car.

I was happy to cheer on from the sidelines, but all who experienced the simulator were amazed at how authentic it was and they really enjoyed it. You can choose different circuits and although you can’t race in real time against anyone else, you can set the best track times.

I know MSC are developing new ships over the next few years with lots of new and exciting features – will it be F1 cars twice around the Prom Deck I wonder?