All cruise passengers are equal, but some cruise passengers are more equal than others

All cruise passengers are equal, but some cruise passengers are more equal than others.

Have you any idea of what I am taking about?

crown princess

Today, I took a phone call from a customer who wanted to offer some feedback about her recent cruise on board Crown Princess. This was her first cruise in Europe on board a Princess cruise ship – she is however,  an Elite member of their loyalty scheme and normally sails in the Caribbean or Alaska with them, so she does have a fair bit of knowledge about the service etc on board, and although she had a pleasant time she was quite disappointed with the food, on a number of occassions it was lukewarm and fairly bland. The service from some of the staff left a lot to be desired. She remarked that it felt as though the cruise line were ” spreading themselves a little thinly “

Compare this with a  conversation with someone who had sailed on the cruise  in the USA before the ship came into European waters – the food was excellent, staff were so helpful, the entertainment was enjoyable.

It’s not just Princess Cruises we hear these comments about.

Does this have something to do with the cruise being in the USA? Are the cruise lines ” dumbing down ” for the UK and European markets?

I believe that cruise prices are higher in Europe than in the US, but do they cut corners for us? and if they do why? Is it our objection to being told what tips we have to pay? Don’t we spend enough in their on board shops? Do we compare excursion prices?

I don’t know the answers but as I said I am hearing these comments from our customers.

Have you noticed or experienced this when you have cruised?

I would be interested to hear your princess