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New Oasis Class Ship Name Leaked?

Although it’s not confirmed yet a little bird told me the potential new name for the upcoming new ship within the Oasis Class, the fourth in this rather successful and monster-sized fleet!

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The Cuban Revelation!

No I don’t mean Cuban Revolution………

Cuba – One of the most enigmatic places on the planet, is suddenly becoming a rather popular tourist hot-spot, but more importantly a winning cruise destination, a revelation, one might say……..

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Happy New Year!! Welcome to Mad January!!

I just wanted to wish all my readers, friends, family, colleagues & everyone else a very Happy New Year!

For anyone interested I had a great Christmas but a lousy New Year thanks to me catching this bug that seems to be going round! Still rough now but since it’s officially Mad January I know I’ll just be powering on though!

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2016: The Year Of Death? – 2017: Get Your Life On Track!

I love this time of year, food, booze, family, friends and a good bit of R&R. But this week all I am reading about is dead celebrities!

Yes the first post I read on Christmas Eve, was about the sad passing of one of the music industry greats, Rick Parfitt, of the world famous band, Status Quo. At 31 years old you might think I’m a bit young to appreciate The Quo, but you must remember that everyone my age that was driven around by their dad in the 90s will be the same. All dads loved The Quo, and had probably had the double sided cassette containing the album, Rockin All Over The World.

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How To Drink A Pint Of Guinness Correctly

You wouldn’t think that there is an actual way to correctly drink a pint of Guinness, but as I found out this weekend, there is!

As my customers and readers will know, this weekend I was over in Dublin enjoying the annual Christmas Conference once again.

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Dublin Here We Come!

In a couple of days I get to experience a new cruise destination, Dublin.

Yes it’s that time of year where hold the annual Christmas Conference aboard a ship for a few nights, whilst also taking in a port of call along the way.

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Adonia Returns!

So after a little holiday away with parent company Carnival, and operating under the ‘Fathom’ brand, the much loved P&O Adonia is returning to the fleet for 2017 and is now on sale.

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A Sexy Silhouette On The Horizon?

So your driving around the murky, damp, foggy docks of Southampton,  when suddenly you see in front of you, the sexy silhouette of a 122,000 tonne lady looming over you…….

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Should Mini Cruises Be Scrapped?

So the last quarter of the year for cruise lines, sees the inclusion of numerous mini, or taster, or short break cruises.

Call them what you will, but they generally follow a similar pattern.

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Just What Is Black Friday?

Next week sees the return of the bonkers American import, ‘Black Friday’

Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but 5 or 6 years ago, nobody in this country knew what on earth Black Friday actually was! Some still don’t!

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