Azamara Comes To Southampon!

Brilliant news from one of the best brands out there today.

Azamara Club Cruises, brain child of the better known, Celebrity Cruises – one of my favourites, have announced their first sailings aboard the newly kitted out Azamara Pursuit, will be this summer from Southampton. Wuhoo!

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Veganuary, Dryuary, Giveupuary – Why Is January So Boring?

Every year, society & social media becomes obsessed with quitting something in this chilly month, it’s a weird one for me.

I stopped bothering with new years resolutions and all the other stupid rubbish that comes around every 1st January, it does my nut in.

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Happy 18th Birthday Millennium Bugs!

Firstly, Happy New Year to all my friends, family, colleagues and readers!

They say the years get quicker the older you get, and 2017 has been no exception. It has by far been the fastest year of my life!

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Merry Christmas! A Quick Look Back At 2017 – The Most Important Year Yet?

Well folks it’s that time of year when I wish all my family, friends, colleagues, readers, and basically everyone who wants to hear it, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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BREAKING NEWS: Successfully Create Bobby Moore/Barbie Hybrid!!!


Perhaps the cornerstone of any good night.

But when you combine this dastardly potion with Tonic, Ice, Freddie, Karaoke, and 100 plus excitable staff, you end up with blog strap lines such as the above…

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Shanghai Adventure: Day 1 – Arrival

Since my Shanghai trip allowed me to see a crazy amount of things in such a short space of time, I will be breaking it down into manageable chunks over the coming weeks. So if you have a desire to see this place, allow me to indulge you, I’ll be dining out on this one for a while!

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My Chinese Adventure – Chapter One

I can’t believe I’m back to reality already from what has to have been the fastest week ever!

And what a week……..

It’s fair to say I’ve never done anything of this magnitude before, despite having travelled to numerous parts of the world in my time.

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Shanghai Here We Come!

I’ll struggle to put my excitement into words for this blog, but here goes……..


Yes this was the line that came sprinting out of my chops on Saturday when my Chinese Visa finally turned up after a somewhat rushed process at both my end and at the supplier end.

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Celebrity Edge Coming to Europe!

For me this is about the biggest cruise news in recent days.

I’ve harped on in previous blogs about the impressive looking Celebrity Edge, which is currently under construction by the luxury brand.

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Should You Try Other Cruise Lines?

One of my favourite phrases in life is, ‘If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’

I’ve lived by this wonderful motto for many years, and it’s always served me well.

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