I’ve Given Up Booze!

After my recent expert guide to cruise booze, I have done a complete 180 spin over the last three weeks and not touched a drop of the stuff.

As many of you will know by now my wife and I are expecting a son in August, and so in support of her I have decided to kick booze into touch for the foreseeable future.

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If you’re unfortunate enough like me to have been in the North-west of the UK this Easter weekend, no doubts you will have the same bittersweet- no scratch that – suicidal – smile on your face this morning as you look out of the window at the amazing sunshine that is currently blasting down at us.

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Which Drink Gives The Worst Hangover? The Best Thing You’ll Ever Read!

This blog is inspired by a wonderful lie I once told a colleague, whom I introduced to the magical world of Gin & Tonic.

He knows who he is, and he probably still hates me to this day for the amazing hangover he experienced after falling for my little fib.

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Royal Caribbean Approve ‘Shorts’ As Acceptable Dining Room Attire!?

Seriously? Shorts?

Yes, you read the strap line correctly.

Royal Caribbean have now approved shorts as acceptable attire to enter the main dining room (MDR), which will no doubts cause international controversy among staff, trade & customers.

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Celebrity Edge Looks Incredible!

So yesterday afternoon I was lucky to attend an online preview of some of the accommodation and facilities aboard Celebrity Cruises most ambitious ship ever built; Celebrity Edge….

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What Are Your Plans For 2019?

Idiotic question I know since we have barely settled into 2017.

But this is the crazy world of cruising, and this is being emphasized by cruising powerhouse P&O Cruises.

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Can Celebrity Better Themselves With Their Latest Offering?

Time and time again when I speak to my Celebrity Cruises passengers, they are full of nothing but praise for them.

I’m a huge fan of Celebrity myself having sailed aboard Solstice and Reflection respectively.

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What Is Your Number One Priority In Life?

So since finding out recently that I am going to become a dad for the first time (which I am probably foolishly ecstatic about), my priorities in life have taken something of a change of late!

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Women Only Cruising: Sexist or Smart?

So I read a really interesting article recently about a tour company that is poised to start running Women Only Cruising.

At first I thought, what a great idea, why should women be subjected to our bloke-ish ways on their holidays, and if the shoe was on the other foot and if the article read Men Only Cruising, i’d be thinking yeah that sounds like great fun, no screeching women, crying, nagging, handbags everywhere etc ………Oh no wait, I wouldn’t say that, because it’s horrendously sexist!

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Still Can’t Get My Head Round Superbowl!

So Superbowl Sunday was the big news yesterday in the sports world. Well if you are a Manchester United fan like me, the big news is that we drubbed the league champions and moved within a few points of the top four, but that’s another story……..#mufcforlife

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