Essentials Port Guide Antwerp


With the Christmas Markets Season creeping ever closer I thought I would spend a few weeks writing my blogs on the Christmas Market port stops starting with beautiful Antwerp.

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Cruising from the UK why is it gaining momentum with the cruise lines and popularity with clients?

Cruising from Southampton

I have seen massive changes in the cruise industry over the past 17 years. We have seen ships transformed to  become the ultimate playgrounds for adults and children alike. Cruise-lines that without double offer an incredible standard of service and cuisine, and personal space that offers luxurious fixtures and fittings in keeping with a 5***** hotel. This then  in turn gives you the clients a fabulous choice to choose from. Products that suit your purse and expectation  regarding service and food.  Its never been a better time to enjoy that cruise confirmation when it drops into your inbox.

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Designer Dining without the price tag !

Oceania Marina Newcastle 2017

Having just returned from a fabulous day in Newcastle to visit Oceania’s ship  Marina, I thought I would share my experience with you .

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Essentials Guide – The Guarantee Stateroom

Picking The Right Fare Is Very Important

From time to time on my Blog covers basic cruise booking information – my aim is to answer the questions I am often asked and hopefully explains the issues that rear their heads appertaining to the topic which today is Cabin Grades.

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Goodbye Eclipse happy sailing from Dublin and welcome Silhouette

Celebrity Eclipse

For some years now Celebrity Eclipse has been sailing from Southampton on various 7, 10 and 14 night cruises visiting the Fjords, Scandinavia, Iceland and the Mediterranean. Rather like Royal Caribbean’s Independence Of The Seas we have  been used to seeing Eclipse at Dock Gate 8 so it will seem strange in 2018 when she is no longer berthed at Southampton.

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Essentials Guide – Cruising from and too Singapore


The modern metropolis that is bursting with so many sights and sounds and naturally exquisite Asian flavours all to tempt your taste buds and  enlighten your mind.

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Essentials – Dubai Port Guide


Cruising from Dubai and sailing around the UAE is still one of the winter hot spots for the UK cruise market. With flight times around 8 hours and direct services from the main UK  airports its an attractive option. Often the flight choice will be 2 day flights and a night option which brings you into the city early hours of departure day. UAE Visas are stamped on arrival in your passport without charge. With the early departure after breakfast of the previous passengers often the ship will allow early check in.

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Seabourn Take a Bow or should we say Encore !

Seabourn Encore 

Some of us may dismiss the more niche cruise brands as their product is clearly small ship cruising experience which does not always appeal. Many may dismiss purely on price  because it has to be said it will not necessarily be the lowest ever cruise fare. But for those of us who step over those resistance steps you may well be surprised. The quality and facility can only impress. The ability for the smaller cruise vessel to sail or tender right into to smaller ports away from the masses without doubt will offer a pleasing alternative to the tender queues from the larger ships. Add this to the personal and high standard of service coupled with the facilities you begin to understand just why some customers move over to this type of cruising and often once moved they do not return to the larger ships.

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Queen Victoria would the the lady be amused !

Queen Victoria

Cunard have for so long been held in such high regard. Their reputation for the white glove service and attention to detail has over the decades created a brand quite unique that has stood unchanged for years.

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New UK e-Ban how could it effect you?

New UK Flight e-Ban

The UK Government have just changed regulations for airline passengers travelling to the UK from the following country’s




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