Two Night Taster

Recently my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which happened to fall 2 days before Christmas. Up until a day before their anniversary I was stuck on what to get them. The only thing I knew that they would both really love is a cruise, as they are yet to experience a cruise and my mum has been wanting to do this for years. My dad is ex Royal Navy, so he was keen too, especially to see what sea would be like as a guest rather than working and also a bit more glamour than the ships he was based on back in the day.

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What’s Your New Years Resolution?

Well that time of year is nearly here where we all make new years resolutions that most will be broken within the first few days!

Mine this year will be the same as always to lose weight and eat more healthily. I normally restart this every week for the 51 weeks (Xmas week excluded) in a year! But I am determined to do it this year and have set myself a goal to be bikini ready for the summer. I came across an old photo from about 16 years ago and wondered where that slim girl had gone, so I have placed said photo on the fridge to remind me how I want to be…

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Butlins, snow and an epic journey across the UK… all in the name of work

I have just returned from our annual Christmas work conference and I have to say it was eventful from start to finish.

As you may know, (if you read my blogs) we had a change of plans this year and instead of having 3 nights on a cruise, our annual conference was to be held at Butlins, Skegness during a 60’s weekend. The logistics of getting to Skegness from Malaga wasn’t that simple and certainly not made easy when Monarch collapsed, the airline we were booked to travel with.

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Goodbye November – Hello December

In a blink of an eye we are now coming into the last month of 2017, how did that happen? It just seemed like Christmas a short while ago and now we are doing it again…

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Single Traveller on Celebrity – Blu left me Blue!

This week I would like to thank one of my clients for allowing me to use her story regarding a recent experience that she had on Celebrity Cruises. As per her wishes I will not be using her real name but she knows who she is, I think we agreed on ‘mad cat woman’ haha

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Marella Cruises and South East Asia

These last couple of weeks have seen Thomson Holidays change to Tui and Thomson Cruises change to Marella Cruises. Not sure why but we will go with the flow.

Anyway, last week they finally released their Winter 2018/2019 programme and I have to say I am particularly excited about one of their new destinations offered on Marella Discovery. You still have the Canary Islands and the Caribbean along with the odd Mediterranean sailings but this should be a real catch for Marella Cruises on one of their most popular ships. South East Asia.

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The Hurricane Aftermath – The Caribbean will survive.

As the Caribbean start to put their selves back together after the devastating hurricanes of Irma and Maria, now the UK is getting a taste of the same weather in the form of Hurricane Ophelia. Currently battering Ireland and causing extremely weird sun and skies across England, we hope that all keep safe and sound during these strong weather incidents.

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Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic – Land Ahoy!

So here we are, the last part of my Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic sailing, if you haven’t already, you can read the other blogs by clicking on the links Part 1Part 2 and Part 3

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Queen Mary Transatlantic – Part 3

Following on from my earlier blogs Part 1 and Part 2 of my transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2, this weeks blog picks up from the start of day 5.

Today I awoke early and went to watch a couple of the girls whom had enlisted in the fencing class, I went along to capture some video and photos for them and it looked like really good fun. It was something I had initially wanted to do, but due to other things didn’t get a chance to sign up, but on my next trip with Cunard it will be the first thing on my list to join. In fact both the girls have said it is something they may continue once home.

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Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic – Part 2

Following on from my blog Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Part 1 Day 3 was an early start for me. The first few nights on this cruise the clocks go back by 1 hour so my body clock was telling me to wake early!

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