Smart Package, Tailor Made and Bucket List – what they all mean

Last week, before or just after the Easter break, if you are signed up for our mailing you may have received our newest Bucket List Brochure. Or you may receive on a regular basis our special offers for tailor made or smart package holidays. Some of you are very familiar with how these work and some of you may not be, so I am here to explain.

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House Guests, Madrid and the Celebrity Eclipse – it’s all go for the next two months.

The Caped Crusaders to reunite

So we are into April already, it is mad to think it just felt like Christmas a few weeks ago! But no, as we get older for some reason time now just seems to fly. After a few busy months with work, the next couple of months are now going to include some play.

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Puerto Rico – The Isles of Enchantment

Puerto Rico written on one of its beautiful beaches with turqouise waters and cloudy skies

I recently watched a wildlife documentary on Puerto Rico on BBC2 narrated by the wonderful David Attenborough and was hooked.

I have never been to this Island in the Caribbean but now want to visit and not just for a day. I was amazed at the current rehabilitation programmes that are in place for specific species that are native to this small Island. So not only do these ‘Isles of Enchanment’ have amazing history but also some beautiful species of marine and wildlife.

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Smoking the big debate – part 2

no smoking

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog regarding smoking on a cruise ship which you can read here – a smokers debate

I, for my sins, am a smoker, so being segregated from certain parts of the ship can impact me when cruising. However, I do find that when I am cruising I tend to smoke less because of the limited areas for us ‘dirty smokers’. But I must say, on some cruises I have been on, the smokers were a majority and not a minority.

Most of the ships I have sailed on, you will normally find 1 to 2 areas that you can smoke. This is normally on one side of the ship or at the aft of the ship. On other ships, there may be more areas and sometimes smoking is still permitted in indoor spaces such as the casino or a smokers room.

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Don’t miss your ship.

man and woman in a boat

For some reason, there seems to be more and more stories of cruise guests missing their ship when in port. I am on several cruise pages via Facebook and have heard this a lot recently where guests comment on how the ship departed leaving guests on shore because they didn’t get back in time.

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Assistance – If you need it, request it.

wheelchair assistance

Last week I helped a friend travelling on their own to book a flight. Now, as a travel agent I am always happy to help but normally do not get involved in friends booking their own flights unless they ask. This friend is slightly different as he was returning back to Spain after a long episode in hospital and I need to make sure he had the right assistance in place so he could be as independent as possible.

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Where in the world…

st kitts

January, one of the busiest times in a travel agents life. And this January has been no exception.

Christmas is over, the new year has started and people are now deciding where to go for their annual holiday.  With offers galore from all the major holiday tour operators and cruise lines, the world is literally your oyster.

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Lago di Garda


Back in october 2016, 5 colleagues and myself escorted a group from the MSC Splendida to Lake Garda and Venice.

This was the first time I had been to Lake Garda or known locally as Lago di Garda. I was really looking forward to seeing this region of Italy and the famous lake that bring millions of visitors each year to this area of northern Italy.

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Bienvenida a 2017

Xmas 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year celebrations.

My Christmas was a nice few days with my parents in the Spanish mountains with friends whom came to join us for Chrimbo dinner, eating too much and watching old re runs of Morecambe and Wise Christmas specials in our new PJ’s!

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Smurfette’s onboard


This past weekend saw annual Christmas conference on the Fred Olsen Boudicca, we had a night in port at Liverpool and then sailed onto Ireland for a day in Dublin.

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