Summer Time Plans

Thought I would do more of a personal blog this week. Let you know what I am up to over the next couple of months.

So first up is celebrations for my good friend and colleague Gina who will be turning 60 this month. We have a night planned with her family and friends some of whom are coming from the UK to join in the celebrations. Can you believe this woman is sixty in just a couple of weeks? Me neither and I hope I look as good a Gina when I get to this milestone.

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Thomson – Don’t just Cruise, Stay too…

In this blog I wanted to touch on something that one particular cruise line has the best market for – Cruise & Stay.

Now don’t get me wrong, we offer some superb cruise and stay packages which I covered in one of my recent blogs smart package, tailor-made and bucket list what they all mean

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Celebrity Eclipse – Mini Cruise

If you read my blogs, then you will know that a couple of weeks ago I spent 2 nights on the Celebrity Eclipse in a Sky Suite.

Here is my blog on not just the ship but the mini cruise culture that I also experienced whilst on board.

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The Worst Muster Drill of All…

As you may recall from my last blog, I was spending the weekend on Celebrity Eclipse. I promised to tell you all about the ship and my Sky Suite Cabin, however this will now come in my next blog.

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I am going on Celebrity Eclipse

For years I have wanted to sail on Celebrity Eclipse, from the first moment I stepped on board during a ship visit in Malaga a few years back. I was fortunate to have a few hours seeing the ship and sampling the delights of what was on offer in the restaurant and buffet. But although I fell in love at first sight with this ship, it wasn’t enough and I have been waiting for the opportunity to sail on her.

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Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with friends in Madrid. Included in my friends list was Gina and Jess both whom work with me at, Gina a cruise specialist like myself and Jess in our sales support team.

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Smart Package, Tailor Made and Bucket List – what they all mean

Last week, before or just after the Easter break, if you are signed up for our mailing you may have received our newest Bucket List Brochure. Or you may receive on a regular basis our special offers for tailor made or smart package holidays. Some of you are very familiar with how these work and some of you may not be, so I am here to explain.

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House Guests, Madrid and the Celebrity Eclipse – it’s all go for the next two months.

So we are into April already, it is mad to think it just felt like Christmas a few weeks ago! But no, as we get older for some reason time now just seems to fly. After a few busy months with work, the next couple of months are now going to include some play.

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Puerto Rico – The Isles of Enchantment

I recently watched a wildlife documentary on Puerto Rico on BBC2 narrated by the wonderful David Attenborough and was hooked.

I have never been to this Island in the Caribbean but now want to visit and not just for a day. I was amazed at the current rehabilitation programmes that are in place for specific species that are native to this small Island. So not only do these ‘Isles of Enchanment’ have amazing history but also some beautiful species of marine and wildlife.

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Smoking the big debate – part 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog regarding smoking on a cruise ship which you can read here – a smokers debate

I, for my sins, am a smoker, so being segregated from certain parts of the ship can impact me when cruising. However, I do find that when I am cruising I tend to smoke less because of the limited areas for us ‘dirty smokers’. But I must say, on some cruises I have been on, the smokers were a majority and not a minority.

Most of the ships I have sailed on, you will normally find 1 to 2 areas that you can smoke. This is normally on one side of the ship or at the aft of the ship. On other ships, there may be more areas and sometimes smoking is still permitted in indoor spaces such as the casino or a smokers room.

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