Top 10 cruise and travel apps!


I am all for an easy life and I would not travel without these apps on my iPhone. Some are absolutely necessary and some are just because I am plain nosy about everything!

In no particular order here they are (I have an iPhone but many are also available on Android).

Ship Mate – Free to download

Really easy to use has a dashboard where you can see how long it is till your next cruise and you can also load all your past cruises. It also shows you ship locations and deck cams as well as a list of all cruise ships. My favourite part is the roll call where you can chat to fellow cruisers on your cruise.

Marine Traffic – £3.99

This is a real cruise lovers app where you can track in near enough real time the location of ships and yachts worldwide with the network of AIS receivers. It’s great as we are currently tracking the progress of our cruise as the ship heads back to Southampton.

Trip Advisor – Free to download

With this you can become a travel blogger and write about your stay in hotels and attractions as well as reserve restaurant tables and check out the latest airfares. You can also use the what’s near me section to find local restaurants and directions.

XE Currency – Free to download

Gives you live currency rates and exchanges from one currency to another. If no internet, then stores the last currency rate.

Seat Guru – Free to download

This gives you the low down on all airlines and planes and allows you to see what the best seats are for your flights.

Skyscanner – Free to download

As a professional I use this to check for flights especially with the lo cost airlines as it is a speedy way of finding direct and cheap flights. You can also search hotels and car hire. Beware though as sometimes the flight tax is not up to date.

Berlitz Guide- £4.49

Written by cruise guru Douglas ward. This is a compendium of literally every cruise ship out there. It gives you tonnage and passenger numbers as well as information on public rooms. It rates the ships out of 2000 based on Douglas Wards own personal visits to the ships.

Cruise Critic Forum – Free

This is a forum for anyone who loves cruising where you can ask questions of the general cruising population. Unfortunately, people’s opinions can differ so do not be put off by a ship because of a comment on here.

Weather Live – Free

Gives you up to date information on worldwide destinations so you can see the latest weather reports for your cruise destination.

Speak And Translate – Free

This is great as with location services on it changes the language depending on where you are in the world. You tap on your flag and speak then it translates into the chosen language.

If you can think of anymore that you use then please let me know?



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