BREXIT – ABTA Statement

In light of the recent EU referendum vote ABTA has released a statement and common questions that are being asked by holidaymakers.

ABTA statement

The result of yesterday’s referendum on the UK’s future relationship with the European Union has been announced, and the British people have voted to leave the EU.

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In or out!!

That’s the question on everyone’s minds at the moment. On the 23rd June we are being given a historic chance to vote on whether we stay in or leave the EU! We have been members since January 1973 and all I can think is that maybe we would be better off looking after ourselves than letting politicians in Brussels decide what degree of bend our bananas should be!

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Want to know a secret? Life as a Travel agent is about to get stressful!

Its nearly that time of year again for Travel Agents all over the country. It’s time to get out our crystal balls and guess whether it’s better to book early or hold out for a bargain as we start to approach launch for cruises in 2017/18 with the mainstream cruise lines.

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Life at sea isn’t as great as you think ( from an ex crew members view)!

In 1991 I joined the Pacific Princess as a Junior Bar Stewardess in Vancouver.  After a long flight via Dallas Fort Worth and Mexico City to get to Vancouver I was exhausted. The cruise lines certainly didn’t want to waste money on direct flights although they did give us an overnight before joining the ship. After a few days settling in I was given my first weeks rota which had “whale watch on the bridge” as one of my shifts. As a newbie I did not want to rock the boat, excuse the pun, and even though in the back of my mind I knew it was a prank I did not dare not show up. So off I strolled on to the bridge where the Deputy Captain issued me with a yellow coat, hat and a pair of binoculars and sent me out to the bridge wing to look for whales so that he could let the guests know. I had been there half an hour before he said I should try the other side and as I was walking over the bridge deck I happened to glance round to see tears running down the senior officers face as they tried to suppress their laughter! Suffice to say I realised it was a joke and took it in the spirit it was intended. Many others were subjected to long stands and sent for still soda!!

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What happens to old cruise ships?

It is always sad to see some of the older cruise ships be pushed aside in favour of newer models as I personally think many of them are worth saving.

Once cruise ships reach a certain age they are sold on to other companies and languish moored in foreign countries before eventually ending up in the breakers yard in Alang, India or Aliaga, Turkey.

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Cruising through Christmas! Or staying at home! Which do you prefer?

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!!!

Well eventually it was quiet in my house as with four children, grand parents and my husband and I the noise levels were quite high. My daughter took her two small brothers to her room to watch Miracle on 34th Street so that Santa could put all the presents out in the end or else it would have been a very late night/early morning.

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How can Costa deny liability?

Costa Cruise Lines have been slammed this week for publicly denying all allegations of wrong doing in the largest loss of life in cruise ship history since the Titanic.

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To tip or not to tip!

Ever wondered what would the cost of a cruise rise by if you didn’t tip? Well here is your definitive answer… and a whole host of other answers!

Gratuities amongst us Brits has always been a bone of contention and we are uncomfortable with the act of tipping. Why is this as in our daily lives we routinely tip hairdressers and taxi drivers so why not cruise ship workers?

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My cruise has increased by £200 per person … how would you like me to pay you?

What if I told you I bought a new car 6 months ago and this month they have dropped it in price by £500 and included a DVD player in a new deal. Of course I went back immediately and said I want the new deal and they had the audacity to say no!

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Japan- an enigmatic nation steeped in tradition!

Japan has long been one of those countries on my bucket list and we have just put together the package of a lifetime to visit this beautiful country.

Your journey begins on the 9th May when you fly from the UK to Tokyo. Upon arrival your 6 day Ultimate Japan Escorted Tour begins.

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