Has a song ever reminded you of a cruise?

Ever been reminded of a cruise that you have been on by a song that you have heard.

Join me on a short trip down memory lane of songs that remind me of a particular place, time and date.



The Love Boat Theme – Jack Jones

This is where my love affair with cruising began. I used to watch this as an 8 year old declaring that one day I would work on board the Love Boat. Who would have ever known that just 13 years later i would join the Pacific Princess for three years as a Junior Bar Stewardess


Loco In Acapulco – The Four Tops

Acapulco was where I first saw my future husband, Bruce McIntyre, who was just joining the Royal Princess as a Bar Steward. Was it love at first sight? I have to say…..absolutely not! I really did not like anything about him – number one was that I could not understand a word he said as he was Scottish. I still maintain to this day that this is the reason we got married as I did not know what I had said yes to.


A Tale As Old As Time – Beauty And The Beast – Disney

A strange one this I admit but as crew members we regularly had film nights in the crew bar and on this particular night this was the film. I had fallen out with Bruce and our friends had decided that enough was enough and that we were meant to be together so the only two seats to watch this were together on the front row and the rest as they say is history.


Coming To America – Neil Diamond

Again this one is shared with Bruce and reminds me of the first time we sailed in to New York together on a windy April morning in 1992. Most of the crew members were on the forward deck with bottle of champagne as we sailed past the Statue of Liberty on board the Royal Princess. I remember crying with emotion as I never thought I would ever see New York in my lifetime.


Yellow Bird – The Mills Brothers

This song reminds me of a date with Bruce at Half Moon Bay in Jamaica where we had a chicken salad each and a bottle of Dom Perignon! Those were the days!


Five O Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet

This is my motto whenever cruising and I have to justify having a drink. also reminds me of sailing with my kids on Rhapsody of the Seas from Texas as the country music on board was excellent. Did you know that a Texans idea of formal wear is best jeans with silver belt buckle and a stetson?


Galveston – Glen Campbell

Okay I admit I am a not so secret country and western fan! Love this song as it reminds me of sailing from Galveston past all the oil rigs out into the ocean on the tail end of a hurricane in October 2006.


Do you have any songs that remind you of a particular cruise?



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