Birds and bees and terrorists!

This week I have had to discuss a rather serious issue with my two youngest children aged 13 and 10. An issue that I have already discussed in great length with my eldest children aged 20 and 18! If you are thinking it’s the birds and bees conversation then I am afraid you are wrong, as with two older children in the house the two youngest think they know all of that already! The serious issue is what to do in the event they are involved in a terrorist attack!

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Japan – like a local!

Ever heard of “Goodwill Ambassadors”? Neither had I until I did a welcome home call to a couple of my clients last week.

If you are adventurous or if you are fed up with paying for excursions on the ships, then this could be the perfect solution for you.

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Happy Birthday To Me!!

As I celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday (plus 30 years experience) it made me think about things I have done. As well as my my amazing four children and husband I have had an amazing life with wonderful opportunities.

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How many ships?

In the next 9 years there will be a further 92 ships sailing the high seas with capacity for over 252000 people!

MSC have the most orders with 11 ships and NCL come a close second with 7 ships.

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Is it time for a fair approach by insurers?

At the age of 47 I have never really had to worry about travel insurance and tend to use one of the insurance comparison sites to get the best deal.

I did this recently for my daughter who has just turned 18 and her boyfriend who is 20 for their weeks trip to Gran Canaria.

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In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m back!!

Hello to all of you.

Hopefully you will be pleased to hear that as of  8am on  Monday 3rd July 2017 I will be back in sales as a Specialist Sales Consultant and will be ready and waiting to take your calls and find you your perfect cruise holiday.

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Catch up with the McIntyres!

I think what makes different is the fact that we are real people and as such have normal lives just like you. I love sharing my life with my clients and many of you have become friends over the years and for those that don’t know me that well here is your chance to meet me and my family.

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A Bridge Too Far!

Are you ready for part two of my fantastic family holiday on board Emerald Princess?

Last blog I covered the accommodation and entertainment areas and this time I would like to cover the bar and entertainment areas.

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Top 10 cruise and travel apps!

I am all for an easy life and I would not travel without these apps on my iPhone. Some are absolutely necessary and some are just because I am plain nosy about everything!

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Aaarrgghhh! I am going on a cruise! Stressed out already!

Probably not the headline that you were thinking of but as a mum of four any holiday is stressful and I am now at maximum stress level so beware!

The stress began on Monday when I realised I only have five days before we travel to Southampton to board the Emerald Princess for 14 nights. Most people would be excited but not me because I think I need to fire my Cruise Consultant as she still has to do the following:

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