First MSC World Cruise Voyage

So in December 2016 MSC announced that they would have their first world cruise go on sale for 4th of March 2019 sailing for 127 nights from Rome to the Caribbean, South America, The Panama, Mexico, USA, Hawaii, Australasia, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe arriving back to Southampton on the 11th of May.

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Al La Carte or Freedom Dining

I speak to a lot of customer everyday regarding cruise requirements and specifically their dining options. Some customers prefer to have a set time to sit down every evening to eat where as a lot of customer now seem to prefer the anytime dining, should this be available on the cruise. It seems to becoming ever so much more popular for guests to want the anytime dining and to a certain extend I can see their reasoning for this.

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What’s your Favourite Cruise Line


So I have a lot of customers that ask me whats my favourite cruise line to travel with. Over the past 9 years I have travelled on 7 different cruise lines and have never gone back to the same cruise line more than once. And my reasoning for this is that I want to experience all the different cruise lines and what they have to offer.

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Solo Cruise Travelers!


So I have a few single customers who still love to cruise from time to time and have recently said that they feel the the supplements are becoming very high. In all honesty, from the Cruise lines point of view, if they can sell that cabin with 2 passengers in it, the better it will be for them making more margin. But from a customers point of view they feel that they are being penalized for being a single traveler.

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Qantas Flies Direct From London to Perth (Australia)


So I have just recently learned that a particular airline (Qantas Airlines) will be the first airline set to introduce a direct route flight from London Heathrow to Perth in March 2018. Exciting news for some as for those that hate stop overs will now be able to fly direct!

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P&O Shock Revelation as they confirm Adonia back for Summer 2017


P&O Cruise Lines have just released information regarding the comeback of the Adonia to the P&O fleet for June 2017. Itineraries and prices will not be available until early December 2016 however I know there are a lot of P&O loyal customers out there that will love to get back on this adult only small and friendly ship.

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Formal or Not?

In the past 9 years I have been on 7 different cruise lines as working in this industry I find it a must to try all the different cruise lines before returning to a particular one. However in particular I have one or two favourite’s such as the Azamara Journey and Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam.

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Family Cruise Holidays


So I have recently been speaking to a lot of customers asking me to look into their family cruise holiday for Summer 2017 and even some for Summer 2018. And a lot of customers are preferring to what is available now for their children rather than the cruise line and itinerary. And to be honest you can’t blame them as it can be a lot of money spent on a cruise holiday for the family, so the decision and choice must be 100% certain before committing to any holiday.

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Hawaii all the Way in a Star!

You may have seen in one of my previously blogs about Smart Packages cruise holidays and what they have to offer in comparison to the stand alone cruise packages. Well we have been inundated with cruise enquiries based on the following itinerary and thought I would share the itinerary and information to all of you. You can also click the link to view the offer and further details.

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Cruise Line over Itinerary or Itinerary over Cruise Line?

So over the last few weeks I have been speaking to a lot of customers who say that they prefer to book a cruise based on the cruise line rather than the itinerary. My, how times have changed as when i used to start selling cruises it was purely based on the itinerary and what the cruise had to offer.

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