Freedom At Last For The Chennai6

You may have seen my blogs over the years campaigning for the release of the Chennai6

Well, this week all the hard work and determination of the men’s families finally paid off as the Chennai6 along with 29 other crew members from the Seaman Guard Ohio finally walked free from Puzhal Jail in India. When you hear the story of what the men and their families have been through over the last 4 years it’s hard to believe. It sounds more like a fiction book than real life and that’s what makes their official acquittal this week even more, special. After years of hell and uncertainty, finally, these innocent ex-servicemen men walked free from Jail to be reunited with their families. At present, they are still in India awaiting the return of their passports and I hope and pray this is a swift process and for the first time in four years they can finally spend Christmas at home with their loved ones. Time Line Of Events OCTOBER 2013 The men were charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition and entering India’s territorial waters without permission JUNE 2014 Released on bail JULY 2014 A judge ruled the case be dropped. However, they could not leave the country. Their passports were withheld pending an appeal by the police against this decision. JULY 2015 The men are told the appeal by the police was successful and they will stand SEPTEMBER 2015

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Speciality Dining Onboard Eclipse!

As you know I’ve recently returned from a fabulous few night onboard Celebrity Eclipse.

So for this blog, I’m going to talk more  the fantastic dining options onboard and in particular the speciality restaurants.

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5 Nights On-board Celebrity Eclipse

I’ve just returned from 5 amazing nights onboard Celebrity Eclipse.

Celebrity Cruises invited me along with 17 of my colleagues to join them on board for 5 nights as she sailed from Southampton to the Canaries.

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How Much For An Upgrade? You Decide!

Ever dreamed of staying in a suite on your favourite ship but realistically its way out of your budget?

Fear Not! Norwegian Cruise Line’s new concept Upgrade Advantage Program could help those dreams become a reality.

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Should I Book Early?

So P&O and Cunard have officially launched their Summer 2019 brochures

I’m always being asked by clients when is the best time to book and I always say it really depends on your circumstances.

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Independence of the Seas – My Favourite Ship Just Gets Better!!

The Independence of the Sea’s was one of the first ever ship I went on and has been a firm favourite of mine ever since.

That’s why I’ve been excited reading about all the new features being added during her multi million pound refurbishment.

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Pre cruise check list!

As a cruise specialist consultant it’s my job to make to make sure you know what to do once you have booked and paid for your cruise so I thought it might be handy to write a quick guide to “what happens next”

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FREE The #Chennai6

Over the years you may have read my blogs about my friend John who has been wrongly imprisoned in India. His ordeal started back in 2013 when he, along with 35 other crew members were arrested and imprisoned for fire arms offences whilst serving as anti piracy guards off the India coast.

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Welcome Columbus!

Recently I was invited down to Tilbury port to spend the night onboard Cruise and Maritime’s newest ship Columbus, to enjoy the ships naming ceremony celebrations.

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Day Trip Onboard MS Emily Bronte!

On Tuesday I was invited to Cologne to visit Rivera Travel’s newest ship, MS Emily Bronte.

I’ve never sailed with Riviera but, I have visited the William Shakespear which, to be honest, didn’t impress me.

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