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Hi Everyone! My name is Anthony and I have worked in the cruise and travel industry for 16 years now. I come from a small town in the north of England called Accrington, made famous by Ian Rush in a well known milk advert in the 80's! My entire time…

Posted on Feb 12, 2018
No Same-Sex Marriage On Board. We have changed our minds….

Some of you may know from a recent post on Facebook, that Celebrity Cruises created history by hosting one of the first same-sex marriages at sea. You can view the post by CLICKING HERE This was fantastic news and a milestone for the LGBQT community. The wedding of Francisco Vargas…

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Posted on Jan 24, 2018
The Americans Are Coming…….And its increasing your cruise prices!

Well, we are currently in the swing of our busiest time of the year ever. Post Christmas, Travel Agents are rushed off their feet, working almost every day, 15 hour days to service our clients, their cruise enquiries and also to help existing bookings too. More than ever this year,…

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Posted on Jan 10, 2018
I See a Little Silhouette of A Ship……..

You started singing Bohemian Rhapsody when you read that title didnt you? Go on admit it! Well January is now in full swing. Clients are scrambling to get their next cruise holiday booked, whether it be for this Summer or even 2019. Have you got yours booked yet? If not…

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Posted on Jan 3, 2018
Hello 2018 and Goodbye 2017

Happy New Year! Well 2018 is finally here - and I know I have thought to myself - 'Where did 2017 go?' It flew by last year and there were lots of things that happened last year too. From Hurricane Irma to Asian Monsoons, and the collapse of Monarch Airlines…

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Posted on Dec 18, 2017
Disney Goes Far Out In a Galaxy Far Beyond

As a lot of you may know from a previous blog, I had started the early stage planning of our 2019 holidays, and we decided on Disney World as the destination to mark the opening of the new Star Wars Land opening at Disney Hollywood Studios. You can read the…

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Posted on Dec 5, 2017
Its Nearly Here……………………….

WOW! Can you believe we are in December already and its only 21 days to the big day. (And no I havent got that wrong)  The big day being Boxing Day. This, historically is when the cruise lines begin all their post Christmas promotions, booking offers and deals. From Boxing…

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Posted on Nov 21, 2017
Hen Party? ‘Sash’ay Away……….

One of my good friends is due to get married in 2019. (Yes I told her she is brave!) She was asking me about options for her Hen Party, as in recent years mini-cruises have become very favourable with Hen and Stag parties. She had been looking at a P&O…

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Posted on Nov 7, 2017
The Millennials Are Coming……………………

Some time ago, Richard Branson announced Virgin's venture into the cruise market. Received with mixed reviews, both the industry and public had mixed feelings on this. Quite recently it was announced that Virgin Cruises first ship (launching in 2020) will be an Adults only ship - heavily targeting 'Millennials'. Now…

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Posted on Oct 24, 2017
Into A Galaxy, Far Far Away

It come around again to that time of year for me when its time to start planning a future holiday. After speaking with a couple of friends on what we would like to do, we have opted for Disney World 2019! When I used to work for Airtours Holidays and…

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Posted on Oct 10, 2017
Why booking with an agent is paramount when disaster strikes

All I can say is phew!! Its been a turbulent couple of months here in cruise. No doubt you will know all about the recent problems we have had Hurricane Irma and Maria devastated a lot of the Caribbean Islands in September and also hit the biggest cruise port in…

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