Cruise and Maritime……Youve impressed me!

Cruise & Maritime Voyages was formed in 2009, by parent organisation Cruise & Maritime Services International, after their German based Transocean Tours filed for bankruptcy.

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Muster Drills Get A Bit More Fun………..

We all know that Muster Drills are a very important part of Cruise safety and is compulsory for all guests to attend. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that a muster drill must be conducted by the ship within 24 hours of departure. However many cruise lines complete the Muster Drill the day the cruise sails.

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He Cannot Be Serious……………..Costa Captain to Sail Again?

Well the day has come and gone. As you know from my previous blog the big day has come and gone. And Im officially 40! Do I feel any different? Not at the moment but lets see if this whole ‘life begins’ is true…..

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Its finally arrived……………Oh No!!!!

Well its finally arrived. May 2017  is here and on a personal level the year Ive been dreading the most……

I turn 40!

I must admit Im a little freaked out by this, and turning 40 is not something I am looking forward to. Now I am lucky I dont need to worry about receding hair lines or weight gain (I come from a family where the males always had a full head of hair and of slim builds) but more the fact its a big milestone. I dont look 40 by any means and do look a lot younger ‘for my age’ But now I will have to select a new dropdown on websites when its asks for your age bracket. You know the ones: Choose age 17 to 21, 21 to 39, then 40 to 50. And whats going to be next? Wearing tweed and shopping in Greenwoods Menswear Stores?

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Navigating My Way to Southampton……..

As you know from previous blogs, I have been on may cruises, be it for work to experience the brand, or as part of my own holiday.

Its a fair while since I have been on a cruise holiday myself (not a working one) So I am rather excited that I have booked to go on the Navigator Of The Seas on August.

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String Vests and Knotted Hankies now Optional!!

Im not sure about you, but one of the things I enjoy about cruising is the formal nights. I love having the chance on a formal night to dust off the tuxedo. But also on non formal nights its nice to actually dress smart too (Being a homeworker – its very rare we have to dress up and uniform of choice is usually shorts and T-Shirt of Pyjamas!)

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Move Over Judith……There’s a new guy in town!

As many of you may know, my role at Cruise.Co.Uk is of that as a Homeworker. Now before you all think, ‘how cushty working from home. What an easy life’, believe me its certainly not that!

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Have You Got Extra Cash To Spare?

Have you got extra cash to spare? Do you like spending more than you really have to? OK so no one does, but where am I going with this?

This year – I have seen a massive increase on cruise prices for 2017. I am seeing sailings almost sold out and very little availability for family cabins too. As cruising is becoming more popular, all these factors raise the great debate again of when to book. Has the cruise market changed again – in an effort to entice clients to book early or when itineraries are released? It would certainly seem that way.

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The English have invaded!

During Summer 2017, Princess Cruises’ Crown Princess will sail from Southampton. In a bold move by the cruise lines, Princess have asked a number of Brits to name their home favourite foods and have introduced them on their sailings for this summer. But fear not, this is to coincide with their International Menu.

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A Norwegian Nightmare?

Riots on a cruise?

Its not something you read about everyday, but in the news at the weekend, it was revealed that passengers onboard the Norwegian Star were demonstrating against the cruise line owing to itinerary changes whilst on board.

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