Hen Party? ‘Sash’ay Away……….

One of my good friends is due to get married in 2019. (Yes I told her she is brave!) She was asking me about options for her Hen Party, as in recent years mini-cruises have become very favourable with Hen and Stag parties.

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The Millennials Are Coming……………………

Some time ago, Richard Branson announced Virgin’s venture into the cruise market. Received with mixed reviews, both the industry and public had mixed feelings on this.

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Into A Galaxy, Far Far Away

It come around again to that time of year for me when its time to start planning a future holiday. After speaking with a couple of friends on what we would like to do, we have opted for Disney World 2019!

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Why booking with an agent is paramount when disaster strikes

All I can say is phew!! Its been a turbulent couple of months here in cruise. No doubt you will know all about the recent problems we have had

Hurricane Irma and Maria devastated a lot of the Caribbean Islands in September and also hit the biggest cruise port in the world – Miami. There are still a lot of Caribbean islands closed like St Maarten, San Juan and Grand Turk. A lot of cruise lines have re-adjusted their itineraries for the next few months to exclude these islands as a port of call. But hopefully in the next few months they will be available to visit again. After all these islands rely heavily on cruise tourism as does the cruise lines need these island for their itineraries. The great thing and what was amazing to read was the cruise lines stepping and helping with relief aid and getting these islands back to some form of normality.

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My Cruise On Navigator Of The Seas – Part 3 – My Final Thoughts

Hi Folks! As you know from previous blogs I went on board Navigator of The Seas recently on a  6 night voyage from Southampton. Previously I discussed the ship and the ports of call and this time Im going to talk about the food and what I really thought of the cruise.

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My Cruise on board Navigator Of The Seas – Part 2

Hi Everyone! As you all know Im just recently back from my cruise on board Navigator of the Seas. You can see the 1st post here


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My Cruise On Board Navigator Of The Seas

Im back! Yes Ive just returned from my trip on board Royal Caribbean Navigator Of The Seas. I had an amazing time, with great company and was pretty much a well needed break and rest.

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Pirates of the Caribbean? And the Indian Sea…………

Everyone knows or has seen the hugely successful Disney movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. But for those who dont, the first movie was released in 2003.

The story follows the tales of piracy and squash-buckling adventure as well as plundering by pirates on the high seas.

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Sad News from the Emerald Princess…….

Its not really the kind of thing you hear or read about when it comes to cruising, but sadly its true.

It has been reported that on Tuesday 25.07.2017, Kristy Manzanares, a 39-year-old estate agent from Utah, died after a row with her husband on the balcony aboard the Emerald Princess. Apparently here husband murdered her because ‘she wouldn’t stop laughing at him.’

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Is It Worth Waiting?

I have talked about this before in previous blogs, but here we are again. We are, again, at that time of year where we deal with scores of passengers, couples and families looking for that elusive ‘Late Deal’ for the Summer Holidays

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