Christmas Countdown!!!

Well here we are on the 4th Day of December. All taking a breath after Black Friday!!

There are many different opinions and traditions regarding to Christmas. I personally love Christmas and try to be as traditional as I can, to a point though…..

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Black Friday… Love it or Loath it..

Here we are again. Another milestone in the calendar. Black Friday

Are you one of these people who wait for it to arrive and put off any purchases until then? Or like me? My attitude to this is if i didn’t need or want it, its going to be more expensive.  Let me explain. You see an advert for some super trendy boots that have been reduced from £100 to £20. Is that a bargain? It is if you were happy to pay the £100 for the boots in the first place! If you don’t need or want them, £20 wasted.

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Mini Madness?

Well here we are again, 6 weeks to Christmas and all the office parties are  in the planning.  I have a party of 22 sailing to Bruges for their Christmas party on Queen Elizabeth.

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Time for the C word?

It is around about now that the big bad C word gets mentioned.


Most love Christmas. Seeing the kids open their presents and the feeling you get when you know you got it right.  Or there are those that hate it with a passion for whatever reason that may be.

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Man Overboard!!!!

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you ever heard those spine chilling words…. Man Overboard?

I will be honest, there is not a chance of me jumping in to save anyone as i cant swim! Would we know what to do? How to alert anyone?

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Dress to Impress?

There have been a few articles lately on the very feisty topic of dress code.

I find dress code to be a bit like Marmite, you either love it, or hate it! I have done a few cruises and the thing i like most is an opportunity to dress up. I find cruising so much better for this than a standard package holiday. A real pet hate of mine is to be having dinner and the family of shorts t shirts and flip flops arrive. I find myself holding my breath hoping and praying they don’t sit near me!

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Hurricane Hysteria

Watching the news this week with the hurricane updates my mind was taken back to the very worst nightmare a woman can have.

Cancelled wedding!!!

When working for a high street agent, we booked a future bride and groom and 32 guests in a fantastic hotel in Mexico 2005

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My Perfect

Do you ever wonder or day dream about what you would do with a lottery win?

I do.

About 12 years ago i was working for Thomas Cook and one of the benefits was really cheap travel. Week all inclusive with flights £79 per person. Perfect.

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School is Out!

It happens every year without fail.

School holidays!

I don’t know why but it always seems too creep up on me. One day its June the next thing you know its that time! The time when everyone realises, if they don’t book something soon the kids are going to self explode with boredom!

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Service Matters

My chosen career never fails to amaze, inspire and totally frustrate me. I have loved travel for as long as i remember. As a little girl even my doll was called Tracy Traveller!!

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