New Year, New Me!

Well a Happy New Year from me too you!! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas Period and a wonderful new year no matter how you spent it. I want to be able to thank you all for taking the time to read my blogs over the past year and getting to know me. Also to all of you who have decided to pick up the phone and enquire/book with me. I have met and spoke to some wonderful people!

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Indy 29/10/17 Transatlantic – MY TIME ON BOARD Pt.2

The Cruise continues… I left you off at the last stop which was Barbados where we got eaten alive (stung, sorry) by baby jellyfish. The next day was not so eventful for me…

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Indy 29/10/17 Transatlantic – MY TIME ON BOARD

Well where do I begin!! That was the holiday of a life time, I don’t know what I was worrying about the ocean was so calm!

So after a long journey down to Southampton from Falkirk we arrived at our hotel stayed the night in the Jurys Inn Southampton which was a great hotel for the night before a cruise i would recommend it to anyone that isn’t taking their car as they don’t have parking facilities. Me and mum struggled to get to sleep that night as we knew what to expect the next morning… INDEPENDENCE!!

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Message from the Caribbean!

Ok so while you are reading this I will be on my cruise… I will have navigated over the Atlantic… hopefully with my guts still intact, and be experiencing the last few days onboard the Independence of the Seas.

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Around the world in… 117 days!

If World cruises really float your boat… excuse the pun but a certain cruise line has released their plans for a 2020 World Voyage. With this being the second world itinerary for them I am very intrigued to see how much they will be charging as they in my opinion are always the best priced cruise line and the most stylish and chic vessels out there.

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Don’t be confused by this title. I’m not trying to say that Thomson as a company have folded or anything… Or am I?

Rest assured they are far from this. They have decided to innovate and take the name of their parent company TUI (Pronounced “Too-ee”). Hence why they have ships called the TUI Discovery and the TUI Discovery 2. With this revelation they have also hit us with a few new exciting pieces of news as well!

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A New Island to Explore!

Wait till I tell you this, I am super excited!

Before I go away on my Caribbean Cruise at the End of October, I will be visiting Southampton a few times before the 29th. I was told a few days after my birthday (20th of September) That I had been booked to join friends for a 3 night stay over on the Isle of Wight!

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Hurricane Who???

So as most of you are aware the recent rise of Irma has left tons of destruction and carnage behind after she hit the Caribbean. Multiple Islands have been left in turmoil after she totally flattened them. What does this mean for upcoming cruises? Itinerary changes are more than likely… If you follow my Blogs then you will have seen that I am due to travel at the end of October to the Caribbean so this may impact me too!

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Countdown to Independence

You might be thinking “Oh god not another article about Scottish Independence”. Well I can stop you there this is certainly not about that but instead about the countdown to my cruise in October. If you haven’t worked it out yet yes I’m sailing on Independence of the Seas with Royal Caribbean this October.

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Raising the Rainbow Flag

So, this might be a bit of an off-putting topic for some but in my theory, it is a massive step forward for a large group of people!

P&O have recently just become the first British cruise line to offer same-sex weddings at Sea. This has been due to a Supreme Court ruling in Bermuda that has now deemed same sex marriages to be recognized.

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