Wasted food on a cruise ship ?

One questions I always have is how on earth do cruise ships manage the food orders as the never seem to run out of anything ? There is nothing more I like reading in the cruise news than facts of the day , How many bottles of water are consumed a day , How many bags of potatoes , How many loaves of bread . I was lucky enough to go in the Galley once on the Queen Mary and I was baffled with science on their ordering process, basically it must just be a guessing game ? If you really think about it this is a huge responsibility for some poor sole as if they get it wrong imagine what could happen ??

For some people cruising is all about the food , they plan their day around mealtimes so they dont miss out. Have you sat back and watched passengers pile their plates high and wonder how much they will actually eat ? I used to say to my children get what you can eat and you can always go back for more. It is estimated though that food waste on cruise ships can sometimes be as high as 30% !!!!

Have you ever wondered what happens with that food waste ?

Costa cruises have formed a new partner ship with an Italian food bank and the surplus food will go to a good use helping hungry children.
The project is being officially launched on board Costa Diadema, the Italian company’s flagship, during its call at Savona, and it involves collecting food on board that has been prepared but not served in the ship’s restaurants and distributing it to the local organisation.

On Friday after dinner all dishes prepared in the restaurants and not served—the will be placed in special aluminum containers that are sealed and labeled to ensure they can be traced, and then stored in the refrigerators on board. The next morning, when the ship docks at Savona, the containers are offloaded and delivered to the volunteers.

Once this has been tried and tested they want to involve more ships and different ports in Italy and the Mediterranean.

Costa should be really proud of this new initiative as it is something brand new in the cruise industry.Good on you Costa I think this is absolutely fantastic !!!!

What do you think about Costa’s generosity?
Do you think this is something that every cruise line should be a part of?
Is there anything else you think the big brands could be doing to help the less privileged ?