It can only happen to me …

Well as a lot of my customers know when I first started my career here at we added a puppy to my family. Since having our little Billy we decided we needed to take him on holidays so we joined our best friends and bought a caravan.
billy with ice cream (002) copy

Here he is enjoying his Ice cream with a dog bone in !! Only in the lakes.

We only bought a cheap older caravan to see how we got on. We have now been away about 5 times and we absolutely love it !! We have been to some lovely places in the lakes , Devon and Chester. We have always been away with our friends who are actual pro’s at caravaning, know the best sites to book ( including the cleanest shower rooms as I am fussy !!).
Every time we have been away there has always been something that has gone wrong , the heater not working , no hot water , electrics , the indicators not working…. We decided we would start looking at upgrading and getting a newer caravan as we had definitely had our money out of this caravan. We then started decorating the house and had put looking at new caravans on hold and said we will get two more little breaks out of it and then start looking again in the Autumn as we have a couple of foreign holidays booked also in the Summer.
Last week I paid for the caravan to have a really good clean and it was spotless I was so happy with the job they had done both inside and out , already for our Easter break in the lakes.
Now normally I am really nervous when travelling in the car whilst towing the caravan probably because it is a huge thing !! this time we set off and I was relatively calm and really looking forward to the break and spending time with our friends.
What could possibly go wrong ???
Well we got to the site and pulled up waiting in a queue to get in ,when I man came knocking on our car window to inform us that the wheel had fallen off the caravan !!
one wheel (002) copy
Luckily this happened as we stopped and not whilst driving on the motorway and that the caravan has a twin axle so was still standing!!
However it wasn’t safe and we soon realised it wasn’t something that could be fixed easily so we called on the RAC at the end of the weekend who brought their monster truck and carried the caravan home.

caravan (002) copy
By 6pm that night the caravan had been re-homed for free and we are currently looking for a replacement caravan for our next little trip in 5 weeks time.
I do wonder if I just stick to my more luxurious cruises/ holidays but actually we all love it and I still get to do those holidays also.
Does this kind of thing ever happen to you ? Is it just me who has the bad luck ?
What is your worst disaster on holiday ?