This would be my worst nightmare.

Picture this ,on a cruise of a lifetime that you had paid a lot of money for you had sailed out of Sydney to Dubai with stops in Melbourne and was just entering the Indian Ocean when suddenly the ship more or less closes down !!!! There would be a dusk-til-dawn ban on any fun on deck. No deck parties, no movies under the stars, no late-night outdoor bar hopping or pool dipping.No lights, no party atmosphere, no lapping up tropical breezes on their balconies. NIGHTMARE !!

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Wasted food on a cruise ship ?

One questions I always have is how on earth do cruise ships manage the food orders as the never seem to run out of anything ? There is nothing more I like reading in the cruise news than facts of the day , How many bottles of water are consumed a day , How many bags of potatoes , How many loaves of bread . I was lucky enough to go in the Galley once on the Queen Mary and I was baffled with science on their ordering process, basically it must just be a guessing game ? If you really think about it this is a huge responsibility for some poor sole as if they get it wrong imagine what could happen ??

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More firsts at sea for Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Independence of the sea’s has to be has to be one of the UK’s favourite cruise ships , it certainly won our customers votes !! The news just last year she was returning to the shores of the uk brought the bookings flooding back in and has carried on into this year and by the looks of things most definitely next year ……

I have had the pleasure of sailing on her four times and every time I have been wowed more than the last.

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Who has the edge ? Naughty or Nice ?

You may have seen that Celebrity are bringing out a new class of ship to the Ocean next year ‘Celebrity Edge ‘ A ship that changes everything setting a new standard of modern luxury at sea. Well the next big reveal from Celebrity was announced this week in New York…….

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Stick to what you know ?

I have just come back form a lovely little break child free with my husband and our best friends.We went to a place called Los Boliches on the Costa del sol mainland Spain. I haven’t stayed in this resort before and having been a travel agent for 27 years I normally choose where we go. We was going to stay at our favourite place Lanzarote but unfortunately my families apartment was already occupied so we let the men choose and they decided on this area as they had been in a previous year.It was fantastic not far from the airport which we travelled by train as it went straight into the village and a 2 minute walk to the hotel. The resort was lovely touristy on the front, then you could go back a couple of streets and it was really quite traditional.We walked a fair bit and ate at some lovely places.

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Spring break in the sun and the rain….

and the thunder and the lightning. I am just coming to the end of what will of been my first full week off this year and I have certainly welcomed this break.If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago you would of seen that we were on the look out for a new caravan which we managed to find a couple of weeks after. We took our new caravan away for the first time bank holiday weekend.We arrived at Higher Bentham in absolutely glorious sunshine and once we were all set up we opened a bottle of Moet to celebrate.

The first day we woke and had a lazy morning enjoying the sunshine and making plans for the rest of the day until the big black cloud came over and the heavens opened and we had one almighty storm , thundered and lightened luckily it did stop in time for us to go for a wander around the local village.
On Sunday as we all like walking we went to Ingleton falls which was about 20 minutes drive away, it was unbelievably busy so we parked a little way away and walked in. What a great place a little strenuous at times but a fab place to visit.

The village of Ingleton itself had lots to offer a great family day out. There was a outdoor heated swimming pool a lovely park and some lovely little shops and pubs.
The Monday we had family come up to see us which was nice to catch up.
The rest of the week I have been catching up on the many jobs at home ,ones that I have been putting off on my days off as when you are a homeworker you have to be so disciplined not to work. This is definitely a weakness of mine!!!
When I’m back to work next week its only for a few days as I’m then off to mainland spain for a little child free break with our best friends, bad planning but when you are trying to organise around childcare , birthdays , dog sitters and a social calender it proved really difficult.
As always though I will be looking forward to my next little break in my caravan when we can fit it in later in the year.

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When is the best time to book ?

This is an interesting question, and I’m sure you will get differing opinions and after being in the business for 27 years I have seen massive changes but this is my opinion of how the market is at present.We have cruises on sale up to 2019 now and the cruise companies certainly seem to be launching their seasons earlier and earlier each year.
When I check for availability for this summer it amazes me at how booked up some of the larger ships out there are ,where are all these people coming from filling these ever growing ships ?? The market is definitely booking up earlier than ever.

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It can only happen to me …

Well as a lot of my customers know when I first started my career here at we added a puppy to my family. Since having our little Billy we decided we needed to take him on holidays so we joined our best friends and bought a caravan.

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AMAzing food and accomodation

Carrying on from my first River cruise experience I thought I would share with you my findings on the accommodation and the food on board the AMAPrima .
The accommodation I stayed in was a Twin Balcony on Violin deck. The Twin Balconies consist of a French Balcony plus a separate Outside Balcony which was really private.

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AMAzing my first impressions of River cruising

Well I have just returned from my first ever visit to a River cruise ship. What a way to start!!! I visited the AmaPrima and Ama are rated the highest standard of ships in Europe according to the Berlitz guide.

I flew to Amsterdam and we got picked up by a brand new AMA coach and transferred the short distance to the centre of city to meet the ship, the first eye opener for me was exactly how near to the centre of the town the ship was. If I am being really honest I really didn’t know what to expect, my daughter rang me as I was travelling and asked me what ship I was going on and when I told her she googled it and said it’s different to what we normally go on and it looks like a barge we have been on. Almost instantly I felt a bit of claustrophobia growing !!!

As soon as I arrived onboard this disappeared, I was welcomed into a light and airy reception that followed through to a lounge area with floor to ceiling windows modern and luxuriously decorated.The welcome that I received from the staff though was such a warm one and so genuine.Ama is a family owned company and the owners still have a hands on approach and want you to feel part of their family and this you genuinely do ,the service was absolutely impeccable and we met all the staff and crew throughout the 2 days onboard.

A quick whistle top tour to what was onboard the ship. The main area I would say on the ship is the lounge which multifunctions with a bar and light snack area for afternoon tea. You can also help yourself to tea and coffee here 24 hours a day.
After dinner there are different performers that join the ship each night to entertain guests.
I was amazed at the outside areas really spacious sun deck more or less full length of the ship with plenty of sunchairs a heated swim up pool ,a giant chess game and a walking track.

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