Great news for the British Market

Well after the rough few weeks we have had in the travel industry it was great to receive two lots of excellent news for the uk cruise market this week. The Celebrity Edge which is the latest release launching late 2018 in the Caribbean is due to sail into Southampton and then be based out of Europe for 2019. When we first found out the ‘Edge’ would be based out in the Caribbean I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

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Glamorous job ………

Since I stepped down from management I really think a lot of my family and friends think my job is sitting at home watching daytime tv (never Jeremy Kyle though )and just booking cruises in between hanging washing out and making coffee.This is far from true at the best of times and although working in travel is an amazing job making dreams come true and never one day the same , there is also the other side of dreams THE DISASTERS !!!

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Bucket and Spade to Bucket list …

Well you may of read in one of my previous blogs that I went on a big family holiday to Menorca. We had fabulous weather and a lovely time with friends and family. Menorca is a lovely island short flight ,great little sandy coves and has everything from water parks to go karting to the handsome town of ciutadella with its history , churches and markets.We flew from Edinburgh as the children in Scotland had gone back to school so it made the flights for my family about £900 cheaper than flying from Manchester. We stayed in a little resort called Cala Blanes which had a scattering of villas and a couple of hotels, bars and restaurants.

As there was 18 of us eating out in a small town was very challenging !!!

We haven’t done a holiday like this for 2 years, my children are 13 and 17 and have had many wonderful package holidays over the years what I would call bucket and spade holidays as well as cruises. The one thing that we felt on this holiday for the very first time was we were ready for home at the end of it and dare I say we were a little bored!!! I feel really bad saying this as I know there are a lot of people that don’t actually get to experience these holidays. My children are at an age where a couple of hours around the pool is enough for them unlike the endless hours they used to spend jumping in a out all day !! Although my son liked jumping in from the rocks much to my dismay as I was on pins….

Our next choice of holiday abroad will definitely be back to a cruise I would say.Certainly with more to do we love nothing more than waking up somewhere different every day and exploring the destinations then chilling later in the day with activities for anyone that wants it , a tick in everyone’s box and end the day with fine dining fantastic service and first class entertainment. We definitely now need to work on a bucket list of places.

The first being London in November I am embarrassed to say my children have only been once and they were only 6 months and 3 then so don’t remember a thing. We are booking for the first weekend of the winter wonderland and between us we are going to plan our time so we get to see everything we can and not miss anything.

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No rest for the cruise agents

Well I am back from a lovely break in Menorca to the news that P&O are launching there Summer 2019 cruises…..
That is a good 6 or 7 months earlier than normal, they did launch earlier for Summer 2018 and this obviously worked for them. For us cruise agents that means we have 3 Summer seasons on sale at the same time. There is literally no down time in sales anymore where there used to be peaks and troughs in the business I can honestly say every month is rolling into the next with very little down time. Good news for us as we hate being quiet !!!

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Summer 2017

Well whilst you are reading this I will be near the end of my summer holiday on the island of Menorca. How much of a holiday it will be I really don’t know with 19 of us going !!! Although it will be nice to have some family time as my husband has been working away in London for the last few weeks.Hopefully some guaranteed sunshine as we haven’t had much recently here have we ?

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This would be my worst nightmare.

Picture this ,on a cruise of a lifetime that you had paid a lot of money for you had sailed out of Sydney to Dubai with stops in Melbourne and was just entering the Indian Ocean when suddenly the ship more or less closes down !!!! There would be a dusk-til-dawn ban on any fun on deck. No deck parties, no movies under the stars, no late-night outdoor bar hopping or pool dipping.No lights, no party atmosphere, no lapping up tropical breezes on their balconies. NIGHTMARE !!

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Wasted food on a cruise ship ?

One questions I always have is how on earth do cruise ships manage the food orders as the never seem to run out of anything ? There is nothing more I like reading in the cruise news than facts of the day , How many bottles of water are consumed a day , How many bags of potatoes , How many loaves of bread . I was lucky enough to go in the Galley once on the Queen Mary and I was baffled with science on their ordering process, basically it must just be a guessing game ? If you really think about it this is a huge responsibility for some poor sole as if they get it wrong imagine what could happen ??

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More firsts at sea for Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Independence of the sea’s has to be has to be one of the UK’s favourite cruise ships , it certainly won our customers votes !! The news just last year she was returning to the shores of the uk brought the bookings flooding back in and has carried on into this year and by the looks of things most definitely next year ……

I have had the pleasure of sailing on her four times and every time I have been wowed more than the last.

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Who has the edge ? Naughty or Nice ?

You may have seen that Celebrity are bringing out a new class of ship to the Ocean next year ‘Celebrity Edge ‘ A ship that changes everything setting a new standard of modern luxury at sea. Well the next big reveal from Celebrity was announced this week in New York…….

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Stick to what you know ?

I have just come back form a lovely little break child free with my husband and our best friends.We went to a place called Los Boliches on the Costa del sol mainland Spain. I haven’t stayed in this resort before and having been a travel agent for 27 years I normally choose where we go. We was going to stay at our favourite place Lanzarote but unfortunately my families apartment was already occupied so we let the men choose and they decided on this area as they had been in a previous year.It was fantastic not far from the airport which we travelled by train as it went straight into the village and a 2 minute walk to the hotel. The resort was lovely touristy on the front, then you could go back a couple of streets and it was really quite traditional.We walked a fair bit and ate at some lovely places.

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