That perfect Turkey…

The time has come, christmas is upon us and it’s time to start pondering which Turkey recipe you are going to go for!

I was watching The Royle Family at the weekend and The Royle’s were less than impressed with Barbara’s Millennium christmas Turkey yet said they could not possibly have their special day without it. I don’t know many people that are a fan of turkey and only tend to eat it at christmas. Turkey is my absolute favourite meat and cooked properly, I believe is one of the most succulent and flavorful meats available to us. Yes, there is nothing worse than a dry and bland bird at christmas but ladies and gentlemen- It doesn’t take a lashing of gravy to make this festive novelty enjoyable!

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A week off, and not a telephone in sight!

It’s that time of year where I take my winter break, I am back- Recharged and refreshed! Whilst I did not travel as far as I normally do for my winter vacation- I have had a wonderful time none the less and the highlight of my trip was… NO PHONES!

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The Bay of Biscay… I love it! But many would argue!

It’s a question many people ask me and it is a question even the most seasoned of sailors simply cannot answer… “Is the Bay of Biscay going to be that rough?”

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Expedition cruises!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited by Silversea to a fantastic sales event to a privilleged at one of the most incredible hotels in the world…Chewton Glen in the New Forest and what a truly stunning hotel it is!

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Fred Olsen looking after Adonia customers!

Following the very surprising news this week that P&O cruises will be selling their small ship Adonia to Azamara. A little uproar was caused!

Many customers had booked their Adonia cruises as much as 2 years in advance and some had even paid in full. This, in my opinion is great news for Azamara club cruises- They definitely needed more capacity with their small amount of inventory for their product, but sad news for those that loved Adonia. Adonia was different to all other P&O ships due to her size and itineraries on offer. Smaller ships are now becoming harder to come by with cruise lines building skyscraper after skyscraper year after year.

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Why should you book us? Last week proved it!

A common question in our role of consultants is “Why should I book with you?”

Well, aside from the fact you have a dedicated point of contact you can reach at any time, somebody who does all your online check in for you, gives you expert advice and takes pride in booking your holiday- The real testemony is when things DON’T go to plan.

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Why should you book your cruise for 2019 now?

I cannot believe it is September already!

Where is 2017 going?

With time moving so quickly, summer 2019 is really not that far away and this will definitely be an extremely busy month for us all here at as P&O and Cunard Line launch their 2019 cruises this week!

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MSC Making waves!

Well, it is nearly time for MSC to launch their groundbreaking new Seaside class ships to the industry!

Seaside and Seaview are MSC’s newest venture and had their float out this week in Trieste, Italy. For anybody that follows my facebook or blogs will know that MSC are one of my favourite cruise lines- Their ships are stunning and have a real feel of opulance and elegance to them. Exciting times are ahead for them in the coming years as they will be launching ship after ship over the next few years growing to be one of the largest fleets in the World!

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We’re buying new stock!

Well, we had some exciting news in the office last week that we have acquired a German online travel agent!

This means that we will have the two largest cruise cruise markets in Europe as we now own ,,, and which means our annual online traffic will be an incredible 37.5 million!

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Good weather cruising, can you be sure?

Weather is generally a very important factor to the majority of cruisers, taking away from those that cruise more than twice a year…The normal holiday requirements apply, sunbathing by the pool is still important for a considerable amount of holiday makers from Northern Europe. We don’t get it very often so why are we not entitled to base our holidays around the weather?

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