Holiday Time!

Whilst you are reading this I will be cruising on the Norfolk Broads.

It is 7 years since we have done this kind of holiday, we went in July 2010 and took my daughter Kim & her friend Hannah but she doesn’t want to come this time as an adult now and will go away with her friends.

Myself and my husband Adam have done this kind of holiday a few times and we love it. Yet it isn’t a luxury cruise but I am happy as still on the water.

After having new windows, carpets & decorating done this year we couldn’t afford a big holiday too so the Broads it is!

We are taking my nephew Connor with us as my sister is off on her own holiday on her motorbike so Connor will come with us. My other nephew Glenn was supposed to be coming along too but has got himself an apprenticeship so cannot miss any days if he wants a job at the end so we are pleased for him but will miss him all the same.

Of course Patch our dog is with us as he loves being on the boat & even attempts to drive it…

I am looking forward to the break and chilling out for a few days, just hope the weather is kind to us as we all know what the British summer can be like….

The boat is called The Broadland Breeze and can sleep up to 6 people & 2 pets so we will have plenty of room as only 3 of us & Patch.

I will do a full blog on this when I return.

I am back in the office on 22 August so will be around to book your next holiday then.

Until then – happy cruising!




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