What shall we do with a drunken sailor……


Love it or hate it there in no getting away from the fact that a lot of the cruise lines are leaning more and more towards turning their ships into fully all-inclusive with passengers now having all soft and alcohol drinks thrown into the cruise package.

But what do we think of this ??

Is it a great idea or a recipe for disaster.??

I can understand why the cruise lines may think this is a good idea but part of me has my doubts. Nothing in life is free as we all know so somewhere along the line these prices will be factored into the costings of the cruise so it will be interesting to see over the next few months if we see a big increase in the cruise fares.

This could then be singling out the cruisers who don’t really have a tipple on board and just enjoy the odd glass here or there.

I have been on All Inclusive cruises before and I have noticed that the service in the bars does tend to be a bit slower when they know it’s all been paid for. Maybe intentionally so you don’t consume as much or maybe because there is a lot more people going up for drinks and slowing down the service. I hope that Ncl are employing a few more bar staff on board the ships to ease the build up on the bars that this can cause.

Another question that arises is will this make the once elegant and luxurious world of cruising suddenly going to be a booze cruise or am I being a bit snobbish here?.

Don’t get me wrong I like relaxing and having a nice drink on holiday but sometimes when cruises have an open bar it can sometimes lead to people drinking far more then they usually would and leading on to all sorts of drunken incidents. Alot of drunken people and a vast ocean arnt always a good mix!

It would be interesting to see what you guys think and weather you think that all cruise lines should be all Inclusive or if they keep to having a drinks package added on if you want one.

I think it is one for debate and will no doubt have cruise forums galore up in arms about what’s wrong or right .

Along with Ncl including the drinks they are also throwing in the tips which I can see going down well. A lot of cruisers that I speak to prefer to remove the grats and just do their own thing. Us British don’t like being told who to tip so at least if it’s all included that bug bear for some will disappear.

Ncl have made a brave decision so time will tell if it’s the right one or not and will the other lines soon follow suit..Watch this space.!!