Titanic in China………



For those of you that are fascinated with the story of the Titanic and often wonder what the ship looked like in real life then wonder no more because if your off on your travels to China then you can go and visit the replica being built and experience it first hand. Don’t worry though it wont be sailing anywhere it will actually be the main attraction in a new amusement park.

Construction is  under way and it will be based in Sichuan. Visitors will be able to stroll around the replica and get the real full effect of being on board with replica interiors including the ball room , theater and swimming pool along with the cabins. There are even talks of a simulation experience on board that will give visitors an idea of how it felt to actually be guests on  the vessel.

This is all being funded by a large investment group called Qixing Enbergy Investment group with rumors stating that £115 million pounds will be spent to make the experience a reality. Construction started with a big firework display to mark the occasion and will take an estimated two and half years to complete. Once on the replica it has been suggested that visitors will also be able to take part in period – correct parties and games and even sample food from the exact menu that would have been available.

According to Curtis Schnell, the project’s alleged “Titanic design expert,” the project is aiming for authenticity.

“We’re trying to get as close as we can,” . “We are not building every room in the ship, by any means, but the shell of the ship and the exteriors will be quite accurate, there will be interior rooms to be able to tour and see from the standpoint of historical accuracy.”

Some would argue that it’s not really in great taste for a reconstruction on a theme park where 1500 people lost their lives but the developers are adamant that it will be done in a very respectful way. I think it would be interesting to see but not sure if it will become a major attraction like the wall or the warriors and tempt people to travel all the way to see.

I wonder if they will constantly play Celine Dion for the duration of the stay and Leonardo doing the grand opening.. ???