Room with a view



If you’ve cruised before and you’ve treated yourself to a balcony cabin then you will know the joys of having a wonderful view to wake up to each morning and this can’t be beat.

Imagine sailing into the Caribbean with your sliding doors wide open , you lounging on your chair on the balcony with a good book in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other , topped off with green luscious mountain tops and white sandy beaches all as backdrop surrounding.

The views from your cabin are an amazing way to take it all in and appreciate your surroundings from the comfort of your own room.

The cruise lines are now taking the cabins with a view to another level with new and exciting cabin layouts and designs to really bring the outside in . Here are my top five for the best cruises with a view.


This is the brand new class of ship from Celebrity which will be debuting next year. It has taken the lead by actually making the balcony part of the room itself rather the being welded to the side of the ship. The doors fold back and a window that slides up at the touch of a button. Its almost like having an extra room and giving you 25% more space. This give the balcony the feel of being a seamless , infinitive space that allows the best views at sea.



These cabins cater for large families or groups with a maximum capacity of ten. They have two separate balconies which is a real bonus for families as it gives everybody the chance to relax in peace on their own balconies.



If your all about taking in sceneray and watching the world go by then you have to try a river cruise. If you book with a French balcony cabin or above you can have the doors sliding open and the river banks and natural beauty pouring into your room. The French balcony acts like a regular balcony with the exception being that there is a railing placed directly behind the glass ,  meaning that you cannot step out ,  but most companies place a small sitting area in front on the balcony allowing it to perform the same function. The river cruises often also position the bed in the direction of the balcony so you can even lounge on your bed and take in the views – a fantastic wake up call.



Theses cabins offer a split level accommodation type which debuted on the Oasis Of The Seas. They sit right at the top of the ship and have the double height on them which means the windows looking out are huge from floor to ceiling and let lots of light into the room making them so bright and airy and giving you panoramic views. The balcony area is huge and even has space for a dining area so you can eat al fresco at sea which is amazing.



These cabins so not have a balcony but they have an outward wall which is floor to celing glass  windows that wrap around the cabin with an unobstructed view of the ocean , including straight down to the water. The views from here are spectacular and you could spend many a happy hour gazing out and taking in the view. The huge windows really given an open and airy feel to the cabin which is perfect if larger families book this cabin type.


So to summarize if your fond of a good sunset and waking up to an amazing new view every day of your cruise then booking one of these cabins would be the perfect way to cruise for you.