P&O push for clients to book onboard…..


P&O have decided that the there is no future in the future cruise credit scheme !!!!!

As of the 02nd July you can no longer place a future cruise credit down whilst on board for a future sailing. They have decided that they are now focusing on clients making bookings on board and can commit to a £50pp deposit to choose a specific sailing and make the booking there and then.

P&O have allowed  passengers a two week window after they return from their cruise to transfer their deposit to an alternative sailing , providing it is the same value or higher. You can make the change free of charge.

In the past people have favored  the future cruise deposit to get some more on board credit  in the past but I did find that sometimes people could put theses deposits down and then just forget about them wasting their money and time. This way they can reap the benefits on board safe in the understanding that there is a chance to change if they have a sudden change of mind.

P&O Cruises’ senior vice president, Paul Ludlow, said: “The propensity to book whilst still on board is very high as immediate help and advice is on hand and the happy holiday memories are still fresh.

I think this is a good idea and will give clients onboard a chance to sit down and discuss the itineraries and ask all questions they have onboard with the knowledge that they can then have the service and extra discounts from myself when they get home as the booking will be sent back to me as the designated agent if I booked the cruise you are on whilst booking.

If you have all your holidays lined up and booked in advance then this avoids any disappointment in missing out and you know you can secure exactly whatb you want all with a low deposit.

I always recommend for my clients to make bookings onboard and get the best of bith worklds – the cruiselines deals and offeres and then my service and extra diascount. Evrybodys a winner !!!