Is Tea at the top of your list……


Us Brits are serious about drinking Tea and most of us all love a good brew at some point in the day or in the case of some of my work colleagues several to be precise !!

So you pack up your suitcase you do the general tick list check – Passport – check , Toiletries – Check , Money – Check , Teabags – Check ???

Yes Teabags !!! Apparently more and more of us are now packing these as one of life’s essentials for your holiday. Msc have recently released new research that shows the UK Holiday makers biggest habit is packing there Tetleys along with their favorite foods whilst they travel abroad.

Over half say that this is something they do and with a further quarter stating that they wouldn’t go on holiday if their favorite items wern’t available.

Here is the Top ten :

Top 10 items Brits admit to packing in their suitcase for holidays abroad

slices of roast beef on plate, surrounded by roast onoins and carrots




Soft drinks



Brown Sauce

Fruit Juice



I know that some people are creatures of habit and like what they like. A certain brand of Coffee , Bread , shower gel. They will only have one type of cereal or only eat one flavor of yogurt but would this determine your choice of cruise and who you decided to sail with?

I find that hard to believe as most people choose by destination and favorite style of cruise line. I don’t think iv’e ever had anybody ask me , ‘so Eve does that price include drinks , tips , Wifi oh and also PG Tips ‘ !!

The research that Msc conducted was over 2300 UK Residents and it showed clearly that British travelers really do like their home comforts and need to feel that the things they enjoy at home are readily available abroad. However they did then go on to point out that 35% of people would be happy to try new and different foods on holiday so that shows we can also be brave and try fried Squid in black ink sauce or the famous Escargot served on Royal (swamped in Garlic but a snail none the less).

Kiel, Germany - August 19, 2012: Cruise ship MSC Magnifica operated by MSC Cruises moored in the port of Kiel in Germany. The MSC Magnifica belongs to the Musica class.

British Passengers will be pleased to hear that Msc are taking the feedback very seriously and understand the importance of home comforts. They have decided to enhance products on board for us Brits onboard the Magnifica. They have now added some special touches to make us enjoy the cruise even more:

*Kettles in Cabins

*Roast Dinners , Pies and Paties available in the Buffett

*British Comedians onboard

*British Tv Chanell in cabins

*British Newspapers available.

*Sauces and condiments available including HP Sauce , Colmans and Marmite

*Tea and Scones


Well done Msc for listening to what the people want.

I love Msc and their ships are beautiful with classy design features and lots to offer the British Market so anything extra to entice clients to book a cruise with Msc is a bonus in my mind.

What would you have on board that you couldn’t live without whilst away ??

Mine would be Cadburys chocolate. Its my biggest weakness and makes me happy so that would be my must have onboard.