Death of the Postcard


New research released from Royal Caribbean has revealed that the much loved postcard is nearly obsolete with 70 percent admitting to not having sent one in the last year.

I was really surprised by this figure if I’m honest and thought it would be higher as the only person I know who sends postcards is my mom and that’s it.

I must say I think this is very sad news as I have very fond memories of picking out my favorite donkey postcard whilst abroad and then furiously scribbling down all my activities in one tiny little box. It was usually slower than us landing back in the UK often reaching family’s door mat weeks after the holiday had ended.

The postcard holds fond memories to many of a certain age that relight happy memories of your youth alongside the kids disco every night , the kids club competitions that you entered ( I was archery champion kids club Greece , still one of my great achievements !!!) and becoming pen pals with the kids you met round the pool.

There’s only one thing to blame and that’s the beast that is social media !! With further research a further 90 per cent of Brits admit their holiday snaps are taken for the sole purpose of online boasting, as they opt for a much cheaper and more instantaneous way to share their holiday highlights via Instagram and other social media channels.

In fact, social media has become such an integral part of our holiday choice that nearly HALF (45 per cent) say it is now the top influence when picking a destination.

A further 15 per cent of us wouldn’t even consider going somewhere on holiday if it doesn’t have internet access. WHAT !!!!!!! How sad is this , I cant believe that people would be more bothered about this then the holiday itself.

I am a bit of stickler when it comes to my family holidays as I have always had a rule of no phones , ipads or gadgets at all in the day and just an hour on the evening when it comes to our jollies.

Much to the horror of my teenager son it’s a family time where we can all have a bit of quality time chatting , talking and making memories rather then his head buried in his phone.

Call me old fashioned but for seven or fourteen days out of a year that shouldn’t be so hard to do. As he gets older he wont want to come away with us at all so I have to make the most of it while I can.

I’m sure if you asked your nearest and dearest they would much prefer to receive a postcard from you rather then a selfie message so lets try and get them back in fashion and start getting them back in the trend…….WHOS WITH ME.