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Lets get an Encore for some more Luxury

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Exciting times for those of you that love Seabourn cruises as the newest Luxury ship , the Seabourn Encore was named in Singapore by the British Soprano west end star Sarah Brightman.

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Cruise specialist Eve…spread the word for 2017.


Well I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and you all had everything you wanted but more importantly then that, you had some good quality family time together.

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Happy Christmas cruisers

Relax, refresh and recharge words on office table with computer, coffee, notepad, smartphone and digital tablet

Well it’s that time of year when I hang up my headset ,switch off the laptop and have a little festive break.

I am finishing now and will be back again on the 03rd January to resume my post.

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All aboard the Adonia…..


In 2015 we all said a sad farewell to the very much loved P&O Adonia ship.

She was leaving our shores to set sail over to join Fathom cruises which enabled guests on-board to do some voluntary work and help out countries in need and to really see how tourism impacted on the local environment.

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Is Trump turning you off ??


2016 what a funny old year its turned out to be what with Brexit , Honey G and the Americans choosing Donald Trump as the next President….and it’s not even over yet !!!

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Are you all at Sea ??


Last week I spent a few hours searching for some cruises for a customer that was looking for a Caribbean sailing in the winter months. After having a good look I came up with a brilliant cruise on the Anthem of the seas doing a lovely itinerary. I was surprised when the client dismissed the cruise due to their being to many days at sea.

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Princess….Coming to an airport near you !!

When you come to book your fly cruise, it can be so frustrating sometimes when all we can offer you is London flights and nothing closer to home if you are in the midlands or up North it can be a pain to travel to London.

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Shhh kids ………..

Having just recently returned back from my family holiday to Cyprus I had to laugh at the latest headlines about the Airline introducing the new ‘child free zones ‘ on all their flights.

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Dynamic Disaster ??

Royal Caribbean just Can’t seem to make their mind up when it comes to the Dynamic dining option on board. One minute it’s in and then it’s out as opinion seems to really differ on whether it’s actually any good. The concept of the dining was to allow guests on board to try a whole range of available restaurants without set booking times.

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Off on my Jollies……

Well after waiting over a year my family two week holiday to Cyprus is finally here…Hoooorayyy !!!

We are flying out tomorrow for two weeks in the sun and I cannot wait. My daughter is two so this is the first time we have travelled as a family of five abroad so to say it may be eventful is an understatement. I am sure that it will all be fine and with Peppa Pig and Paw patrol sticker books for my daughter and films and games on the tablets for my two boys hopefully the flight will go by in a whiz.

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