The race is on with Ferrari and Ncl……

view from finish line with checkered flag waving at the race track.

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all on a cruise ship ,  Ncl go and announce another world first with the introduction of the first Ferrari branded racetrack at Sea.

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What shall we do with a drunken sailor……

drunk chihuahua dog having a siesta with crazy and funny silly face

Love it or hate it there in no getting away from the fact that a lot of the cruise lines are leaning more and more towards turning their ships into fully all-inclusive with passengers now having all soft and alcohol drinks thrown into the cruise package.

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Titanic in China………

Computer generated 3D illustration with an Ocean Liner

For those of you that are fascinated with the story of the Titanic and often wonder what the ship looked like in real life then wonder no more because if your off on your travels to China then you can go and visit the replica being built and experience it first hand. Don’t worry though it wont be sailing anywhere it will actually be the main attraction in a new amusement park.

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For those thrill seekers who want to do more than sunbathe…..


How much has cruising changed in the last ten years and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Gone are the days of lounging round the pool or taking a leisurely stroll round deck or in port.

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Eves Top Tips to pack for your cruise

Young woman having trouble packing suitcase bag, not ready, isolated indoors room background, trying to close the suitcase alone, by sitting on it. Rear view.

When you book your cruise holiday with me I will always give you a call before you go just to make sure you have gone through all your tickets and vouchers , your happy and all ready to cruise. I always ask the question ‘have you started to pack yet’ and nine times out of ten I am met by a groan of where to start.

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Joan Collins the glamorous Godmother

Hollywood, California, USA - February 5, 2013: Hollywood Walk Of Fame Joan Collins achievement in the entertainment industry star.

Its has just been released that the Boutique River line Uniworld have chosen the fantastic actress Joan Collins to be the Godmother of their brand new ship. The S.S Joie De Vivre is the newest super ship and will be the first of its kind to sail the River Seine.

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The Medallion that will give Delboy a run for his money….

Regal Princess Exterior Image (002)

If I said to you on your next Princess cruise you would be wearing a medallion you would probably think that i’ve gone mad. Fear not we haven’t time warped back to the 70’s or organised a fancy dress themed cruise but it’s the latest and most up and coming piece of technology to hit the seas.

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Lets get an Encore for some more Luxury

sea 1

Exciting times for those of you that love Seabourn cruises as the newest Luxury ship , the Seabourn Encore was named in Singapore by the British Soprano west end star Sarah Brightman.

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Cruise specialist Eve…spread the word for 2017.


Well I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and you all had everything you wanted but more importantly then that, you had some good quality family time together.

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Happy Christmas cruisers

Relax, refresh and recharge words on office table with computer, coffee, notepad, smartphone and digital tablet

Well it’s that time of year when I hang up my headset ,switch off the laptop and have a little festive break.

I am finishing now and will be back again on the 03rd January to resume my post.

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