Glad Rags or Flip Flops….

Alot of people,  especially those of you new to cruise can get into a bit of a pickle when it comes to what to pack for your cruise.

Do you go smart and pull out all the stops or do you keep it casual and just go relaxed.

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Monarch wont stop the Bride…….

Working in travel is fun and rewarding and what could be better than booking peoples dream holidays .

However, this week has been a very testing and sad time in the world of travel and one I will be glad to see the back of.

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Now here comes Maria…….

Just when we thought the Caribbean had taken all it could take along comes Hurricane Maria hot on the heels of Irma.

Those poor , poor people who are effected its just so awful and must be devastating for those who are having to deal with it all right on their doorstep.

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Columbus takes on the world

If you love cruising and its your number one way to holiday then there will be certain places and trips that you will want to do and things that you dream of ticking off the old bucket-list.

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Is Bonnie Bored of her Eclipse…..

So on the 21st August 2017 ,  The week-long Total Eclipse Cruise to the eastern Caribbean saw a live performance from the 80’s singer Bonnie Tyler.

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Death of the Postcard

New research released from Royal Caribbean has revealed that the much loved postcard is nearly obsolete with 70 percent admitting to not having sent one in the last year.

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Hobnobbing with celebs on board P&O

Great news for those of you who like to rub shoulders with the rich and famous as P&O announce dates for when their food heroes will be on board in 2018.

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P&O push for clients to book onboard…..

P&O have decided that the there is no future in the future cruise credit scheme !!!!!

As of the 02nd July you can no longer place a future cruise credit down whilst on board for a future sailing. They have decided that they are now focusing on clients making bookings on board and can commit to a £50pp deposit to choose a specific sailing and make the booking there and then.

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Green Fingers at Sea….

Well all this sunshine we have been having lately has really inspired me to get my scruffs on,  dig out my trowel and get stuck in to my garden .

I have lived in my house for nearly two years now,  it is a new build property so we all know that the soil or should i say clay and rocks isn’t always the most accommodating when it comes to nurturing plants in your flower beds. I am very proud of what i have achieved so far and the garden is starting to come alive with colour now that summer is upon us.

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Room with a view

If you’ve cruised before and you’ve treated yourself to a balcony cabin then you will know the joys of having a wonderful view to wake up to each morning and this can’t be beat.

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