P&O push for clients to book onboard…..

P&O have decided that the there is no future in the future cruise credit scheme !!!!!

As of the 02nd July you can no longer place a future cruise credit down whilst on board for a future sailing. They have decided that they are now focusing on clients making bookings on board and can commit to a £50pp deposit to choose a specific sailing and make the booking there and then.

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Green Fingers at Sea….

Well all this sunshine we have been having lately has really inspired me to get my scruffs on,  dig out my trowel and get stuck in to my garden .

I have lived in my house for nearly two years now,  it is a new build property so we all know that the soil or should i say clay and rocks isn’t always the most accommodating when it comes to nurturing plants in your flower beds. I am very proud of what i have achieved so far and the garden is starting to come alive with colour now that summer is upon us.

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Room with a view

If you’ve cruised before and you’ve treated yourself to a balcony cabin then you will know the joys of having a wonderful view to wake up to each morning and this can’t be beat.

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My Family Review of The Eclipse

As I mentioned on my last blog my family and I had big adventures last weekend when we took to the Seas on the Celebrity Eclipse for a little family break on the mini cruise.

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Princess Rosa , Peppa Pig and The Eclipse….

It’s all going on this week hence why I’m not in the office and having a little break with a few days off.

My little girl Rosa is celebrating her third Birthday. I can’t believe my little Princess is going to be three years old and what better way to celebrate it then a trip to see Peppa Pig.

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Is Tea at the top of your list……

Us Brits are serious about drinking Tea and most of us all love a good brew at some point in the day or in the case of some of my work colleagues several to be precise !!

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The race is on with Ferrari and Ncl……

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all on a cruise ship ,  Ncl go and announce another world first with the introduction of the first Ferrari branded racetrack at Sea.

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What shall we do with a drunken sailor……

Love it or hate it there in no getting away from the fact that a lot of the cruise lines are leaning more and more towards turning their ships into fully all-inclusive with passengers now having all soft and alcohol drinks thrown into the cruise package.

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Titanic in China………

For those of you that are fascinated with the story of the Titanic and often wonder what the ship looked like in real life then wonder no more because if your off on your travels to China then you can go and visit the replica being built and experience it first hand. Don’t worry though it wont be sailing anywhere it will actually be the main attraction in a new amusement park.

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For those thrill seekers who want to do more than sunbathe…..

How much has cruising changed in the last ten years and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Gone are the days of lounging round the pool or taking a leisurely stroll round deck or in port.

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