There are 3 certain things in life, death, taxes and visas! China and Asia is the biggest up and coming cruise destination so what happens with Visas?

MSC are now planning to offer year round cruising in China and the Far East to tap into the massive market there is out there for cruises domestically but also for international customers like from the UK wanting to see this amazing part of the world. Just some of my pics from my two amazing big trips to China below!

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New year, new baby and January sales!

Its 2018 and time to move on from the year that passed and welcome what might come in the next one.

For me the next month is going to be about a new addition to my family and working through the busiest month in the travel calendar, January!

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Retracing the steps of the Apprentice in Bruges on Ventura!

A lot of you might have seen the Apprentice recently where they went on P&O Britannia over to Bruges and organised a shore excursion for customers. I recently did a similar cruise on Ventura so here are some of my thoughts and also what I made of their attempt at shore excursions.

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Low cost airlines, holding your nose and biting your tongue!

If most people cared to admit it they have used a low cost airline at some point, it is undoubtedly 9 times out of 10 going to be the best priced option . They are big business, so much so that certain airlines (Ryanair) can afford to cut flight schedules on a whim and run a media campaign on the basis that “no publicity is bad publicity” and still survive.

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You are off on holiday but what do you do with your pets?

Well its getting to that time of year when Christmas is on the forefront of everyone’s mind so I thought I would write about something loosely based on travel but also a bit personal to me instead of my regular cruise blog.
You see I have had my pet greyhound Marko for going on 6 years now and he is a massive part of our little family. He is a truly remarkable dog and has done and achieved more than many humans could put their name to so I’m massively proud of him. 

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Whats so good about the South Pacific?? Everything but its all so far away from here!!!

During my years down under in New Zealand I used my time to get out to the South Pacific, namely Tahiti and New Caledonia because I absolutely love French language and food.

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What did I think of MSC Preziosa in Southampton? Find out here..

I recently went on a ship visit on MSC Preziosa in Southampton and went with an open mind to see what it was like and all about.

We had a very long wait getting on-board as the ship had been caught up in some bad weather in the channel so was running late but once it got in and we got on board I felt very impressed by what I saw.

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Is singles cruising a rip off? What is stopping a cruise line starting up a singles only ship and is this a good idea? Vote here..

Talking to a customer today I had an interesting brain wave, why doesnt P&O or anyone buy a ship completely for single cruisers.
It seems a strange idea but on a daily basis as an agent I see a huge amount of enquiry for this, so surely this is the next new thing in the cruise market (some cruiselines are already wise to it, P&O, NCL and Fred Olsen are good examples but maybe not on the scale needed I would suggest).

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How do you get around the minefield of cruise offers and is cruise-line marketing misleading or just difficult to work out?

Hello everyone

Very often during my working day I get a call from a customer who is confused, non-plussed or just downright angry about how a cruise fare has been advertised. Mistakes happen in all travel agencies and advertising isn’t always a 100% accurate art form as availability changes so quickly once a campaign gets underway and every cruiser usually has a different set of specifications it wont always match exactly what is being advertised. To add to all this an agency is just at the mercy of the cruise operators and how they advertise and they do make mistakes occasionally too!

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What are the best times of year to travel on holiday to avoid bad weather. Is it best to be picky?

Time of year is something that is massively important depending on where you are going on holiday, as can unfortunately be seen in the Caribbean at the moment.

Apart from just bad luck as weather can be unpredictable there are some of my dos and donts and sort of in betweens that I think could/should be followed based on places Ive been!

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