MSC offers a new school along with help and aid for those that need it most.

MSC Cruises, they just get better and better in my opinion. Last month I wrote about getting on a ship and helping the Caribbean by going there and spending some money. MSC have done a lot more than that with their latest offer of a school for the children.

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What a week Britannia had with Helicopters, lifeguards and Captains doing 180’s

Guests aboard P&O’s Flagship Britannia were woken during the night with an announcement at 1 am. This can happen while cruising and the rude awakening was for a man overboard announcement. There was an incident which demanded the ship to travel back on itself to assist. The ship went into a 180 Degree turn and traveled back 2 miles before stopping completely. Desperate people are travelling to Europe in very small craft and the weather at this time of year is so unpredictable that they can find themselves in serious danger at sea.

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How to get on a ship for £49.93 per person per night.

No gimmicks here… Just a great offer and 14 nights away being cared for by one of the friendliest crews at sea.

I didn’t think it was possible to do this anymore. Considering the cost of living has gone up over the last 10 years by so much!

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Bare naked ladies, stuffed parrots, captain’s hats and Tourette’s syndrome during captain’s cocktails.

I was asked the other day ‘what are the strangest things you have seen at sea.’ Instead of replying about the Whales, dolphins, giant octopus, and other wonderful sea creatures I have seen. I started to describe the things that amazed me on board the ship. The characters that are larger than life and always make cruising interesting.

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Let’s support the Caribbean people the best we can…. Get on a ship and go spend some money there.

I have spoken to so many people the last few days who are unsure about visiting the Caribbean now. Considering the most recent hurricanes in the area.

My reply to people who are unsure now, must be… Have you ever heard the saying about the calm after the storm?

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There is no such thing as a free drink! Or is there?

I had one of my customers call me to ask what if…. They have an existing booking with a cruise line who have just bought out a special offer including free drinks package. Now that sounds attractive and while I was thinking…. Oh no! This is going to take some time to organise a change of cruise booking! I was also thinking ‘Can a cruise line really do the drinks for free’

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The recent Barcelona attack has a huge effect on cruise ships chances of visiting again…

Do you have a cruise booked that is visiting Barcelona? Will you still be going?

Considering the latest terror attack in Barcelona, will you cruise company be brave enough to still go to that port?

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Naples is not just Pizza & Ice cream

I do get asked sometimes for my ‘favourite port’. It may surprise you to think of Naples and realise what a gem of discovery it can be. When you work on a ship and get to see so many ports there are few to rival the diversity of historical sights, geographical wonders and fabulous flavours that Napoli has on offer.

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This is a must read if you are thinking Cunard!

Queen Mary 2 or Queen Victoria?

I have worked on both and have been lucky enough, in my role on both these ships, to have the freedom to use the public areas. I love what Cunard are all about, the elegance, sophistication, and choice of entertainment on board.

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This is a must read for Cruisers

I am a little surprised when customers don’t ask what was it like working on a cruise ship? Especially when every person I talk to is a fan of cruising. Some people are nosy when they are on a cruise and are desperate to see behind the scenes. For which there are sometimes places available on a behind the scenes ship tour    at a premium price. Some people want to know all the crew gossip and wish they had gone to work at sea themselves. But now I am living on land and talking about cruises every day. For me each conversation has a memory attached to it. Whether it is a port I have visited or a ship I have lived on or a tour I have enjoyed.

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