Tips for Cruising with a Family

There are many schools of thought about taking children on cruise ships. Some think you should not and others think they make a great family holiday. Personally, I have been cruising with my son since he was 6 and we have all really enjoyed our cruises.

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Be Packing Savvy!

My Tips to Prevent a Baggage Disaster

Arriving at your destination without your luggage is a nightmare scenario for most travellers. It is even worse if you know you are heading off on a cruise, so getting luggage to you when you are on the move becomes even more of a logistical nightmare.  I was reminded of this recently when an unfortunate customer had this very thing happen to them and although they did get the bags back it was four days later having missed a formal night and an important birthday celebration on-board.

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A Day in the Life…

People often say to me, ‘Wow it must be a doddle working from home. Bet you spend all your time watching TV and drinking Tea.’

I have heard it all before.

So I thought you might be interested to know what it is that I do in my Day!

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Finally, Cruise Lines Start to See Sense!

I have blogged about this before as there have been an unacceptable number of deaths in Swimming pools on-board cruise ships and yet only Disney Cruise lines employed actual Life guards to monitor their pools.

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Well it’s that time of year. The January Sales are upon us. So How do you bag a bargain Cruise?

At this time Cruise lines often offer Drinks Packages, On-board Credit, Discounts etc so how do you know what is a good deal?

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Well I’m back and a great time was had by all!

I have been to Florida before on several occasions but never at this time of year.  I wondered if we would find it chilly on an evening as stats tend to give a fairly large temperature variance but I need not have worried. Most days it was around 87F in the day and around 79F in the evening. This was great as the summer temperatures I was used to had been very hot to walk round Disney and queue for rides etc. Other than the more bearable weather why should you go at this time of year? Well Christmas of course. We arrived at the end of November so Thanks giving was out of the way and everywhere was getting ready for Christmas.

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Mysterious Myth or Superstitious Nonsense?

Ahoy there!

Sailors over the years have had many superstitions that they believed in. It is no wonder if you think about it as they navigated around the world with no satellites or ship to shore in-case of an emergency.  Also, bear in mind as going to sea is one of the world’s oldest occupations, the time these myths were established, it is only natural that where inexplicable events have occurred, superstition and myth have played a major role in providing reasons for their occurrence.

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10 Reasons Not to Go on a River Cruise!!!

That’s Right you heard me. Not to go….

Is it something you have been considering? Perhaps you have been on ocean cruises and want to try it? Or perhaps you have never cruised at all and this appeals to you?

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When is a Cruise not a Cruise?

This is a voyage not a cruise.

It is about as far away from mass market cruising that you can get.  Is it luxurious? No. Is it all singing all dancing? No. Does it have some of the most spectacular scenery in Norway? Yes. Does it let you see the true Norwegian way of life? Yes.  I am here to dispel some of the myths about Hurtigruten and to help people to understand what they are about so that people are under no illusions of what to expect.

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Peace of Mind

With Hurricane Matthew having torn its way across the Caribbean and the Florida coast and and Typhoon Haima raging in the Far East, many Cruise ships had to seek shelter in port or re-route to avoid it as well as hotels having to batten down the hatches causing holiday misery for many.

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