Common Courtesy

Coming from a back ground where I worked in a Travel Agency on the high-street I was mainly used to meeting customers face to face.  When I started at which was almost 4 years ago I had to adapt to a new way of working. Speaking to people on the phone it is sometimes hard to gauge how they feel about a holiday or a price as you cannot see their facial expressions.

I am always honest and upfront in everything I advise my customers and as a result I have started to build up a good database of regular customers. I encourage people to take a look at my feedback comments to see what type of service they can expect from me.

Why not take a look


What I do find difficult to deal with is when people do not have common courtesy. Just because I am on the end of a phone and anonymous so to speak does not mean I do not have feelings. I often arrange to call customers on my days off or whenever it is more convenient for them whether I am working or not. It is therefore hard to take when they do not answer the phone at an arranged time.

If I have quoted something and you decide it is not right for you or that you want to leave it then please tell me this. Do not just ignore the phone and ignore emails, I am not an ogre and will not get annoyed but at the very least I can close the enquiry or if it is just one part of the trip which is not right I can maybe change things so it does meet your expectations or requirements.

Putting together complex itineraries takes time and knowledge and no-one likes to think that either is being taken for granted. So please be upfront about what you are looking for and what you can afford and if you change your mind that is ok too, just let me know.

When I say I am here to help I really do mean that.

So spare a thought next time you call me or someone like me for a holiday and just be honest with us.