A Travelling life for Me!

People sometimes ask me how I come to be doing this job? Where did my fascination with Travel and the Sea begin? Well I suppose my Dad being in the Royal Navy may have had something to do with it.  Here he is in his Uniform looking very dapper and with him is my stunning Mum who at almost 77 Years old still looks amazing.

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Airlines have been taking a real battering in the press lately what with man-handling passengers off flights, drunken pilots at the controls and flight attendants punching passengers. I have had customers saying they will not fly with certain airlines because of this so it has had an impact.

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Liverpool Port Breaking Records!

The last Couple of Years have really established Liverpool on the cruising Circuit both as a departure port for Northern cruisers and a port of call and why not? Liverpool has much to the offer the would be visitor.

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Extreme vetting’ likely for British Visitors to Trumpton!”

There is some disturbing News for would be Visitors to the Shores of Trumpton!

Oops, sorry the USA.

Sources have advised that the US has not ruled out “extreme vetting” procedures which would force British visitors to hand over social media passwords, mobile phone contacts and financial records in order to gain entry to the country.

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Well its almost here.

The brand new celebrity Ship – The Edge will sail out of Fort Lauderdale on the 16th December 2018 and she is on sale now!

Celebrity describe the ship as Forward thinking, Transformational and Revolutionary.

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Bugs Beware!

This is not strictly speaking about cruising but it is about travelling.

I have travelled to many places and seen some weird and wonderful things to eat, not all of which I have wanted to try may I point out.

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Tips for Cruising with a Family

There are many schools of thought about taking children on cruise ships. Some think you should not and others think they make a great family holiday. Personally, I have been cruising with my son since he was 6 and we have all really enjoyed our cruises.

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Be Packing Savvy!

My Tips to Prevent a Baggage Disaster

Arriving at your destination without your luggage is a nightmare scenario for most travellers. It is even worse if you know you are heading off on a cruise, so getting luggage to you when you are on the move becomes even more of a logistical nightmare.  I was reminded of this recently when an unfortunate customer had this very thing happen to them and although they did get the bags back it was four days later having missed a formal night and an important birthday celebration on-board.

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A Day in the Life…

People often say to me, ‘Wow it must be a doddle working from home. Bet you spend all your time watching TV and drinking Tea.’

I have heard it all before.

So I thought you might be interested to know what it is that I do in my Day!

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Finally, Cruise Lines Start to See Sense!

I have blogged about this before as there have been an unacceptable number of deaths in Swimming pools on-board cruise ships and yet only Disney Cruise lines employed actual Life guards to monitor their pools.

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