Crown Princess to become home from home

I don’t know about you but when I go on a cruise one of my favourite things is the food, I love trying all the international dishes and eating food that I wouldn’t usually eat at home. I’m sure you will agree that dining on board your cruise should be one of the highlights, it certainly is for me. So when I read Princess cruises latest plans for their menu’s on board I have to say I wasn’t overly convinced from a personal perspective.

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Upgrade on your cabin?? Why you have to think very carefully….

Have you ever been asked the question when you’ve booked your cruise….”would you like to accept a complementary upgrade on your cabin if one is offered?” Of course most people’s first reaction is yes ….why wouldn’t you…first of all it’s free and secondly surely an upgrade means you will get a better cabin! Well sometimes yes this is the case, but not always! It’s not as straight forward and clear cut as it sounds.

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Surprise cruise anyone?? Yes Please!

Recently I have seen the number of cruises I have booked as surprises increase…infact I have booked four in so many weeks which is quite a lot! Every time to I speak to a customer planning a surprise cruise for their loved one I have to say I get all excited and always think how amazing it would be if someone planned me a surprise cruise! If only….!

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New Year…Is it time to book you cruise??


Happy New Year to everyone! I really hope you’ve all enjoyed Christmas and are now looking forward to 2017! I’ve had a lovely time off with my family, especially lovely to spend the holidays with my little girl with all the magic of Christmas around. I’m always sad when it’s all over now but I am looking forward to the new year and all that it will bring…..and with the new year comes holidays!! or more specifically in our cruises! It’s the time of year where everyone starts to think of their next break away,  something to look forward to…sunshine perhaps and a time to get a great deal!!

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Afternoon tea with Santa!


Getting into the Christmas spirit this week I took my little girl to “afternoon tea with Santa” at a local tea shop, we were joined by my sister and her two children. We kept it as a surprise and didn’t tell the little ones, they didn’t know what we were doing or where we were going…all adding to the excitement for them.  The tea room is walking distance from my house and we have been there lots of times before, it’s a small place, really pretty and quirky and their cakes are always delicious!

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Boudicca here I come!!


Well this time next week I’ll be on board Fred Olsen’s Boudicca! I’m very excited as I have never cruised with Fred in all my time selling cruises and we are also visiting Dublin….again it will be the first time and I really can’t wait. Each year our Christmas conference is a mini cruise and this year it’s the turn of Boudicca, it’s not often we all together so it’s going to be lovely to see everyone. We’ll work hard , get to experience Fred Olsen and of course there will be a party or two during the cruise….Exciting!

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Drinks prices on the increase!!!!


This week I was chatting to my customers who have just returned from a cruise on board the Celebrity Eclipse, we got talking about the price of drinks on board. My customer chose to go with a deal when they booked that didn’t include the Classic drinks package for their balcony cabin, they decided the reduced price on the cabin without the drinks offer was the best option for them as they weren’t big drinkers. However they have since changed their minds and now wouldn’t cruise Celebrity again without a drinks package!

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To Dress or Not to Dress…..


I was chatting to one of my customers last week about a recent NCL cruise they had been on. She cruised with her husband and they had enjoyed the cruise but had one bugbear about it…it bothered them both so much that they both said they wouldn’t cruise with NCL again….so what was it that had put such a dampener on their cruise??? It was the dining experience she told me….the food I asked? no, the freestyle approach? no….so just what was it…it was the way some of their fellow passengers dressed or didn’t dress for dinner!

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Caught out with invalid travel insurance costs customer £5000 plus!!!

It has to be your worst nightmare, taken ill on your cruise to find out that the insurance you thought was in place actually isn’t at all. This is what happened to one of my customers on their cruise. He and his wife assumed the travel insurance policy they had always been covered with was still valid and up to date, only to find out when his wife was taken ill and admitted to a foreign hospital that in fact it wasn’t and they were not going to pay for her treatment or stay in hospital. The policy they thought they had in place had infact expired and not be automatically re newed as they thought. My customer was faced with a medical bill of over £5000, which luckily enough he was in a position to pay. Imagine if not, his wife wouldn’t have been treated by the hospital and they would have been stranded in a foreign country, no hospital care!

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MSC go the extra mile…..

This week I wanted to share with you some great feedback I had from my customers who have just returned from their first ever cruise experience, they sailed on board MSC Splendida from Southampton. They were particularly anxious as the lady is a full time wheel chair user and often this creates difficulties when they go on holiday. They chose to sail from Southampton to make the trips easier on them both with no hassles at the airport, straight onto the ship at Southampton after a train journey from home.

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