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Bosscat - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 12:32)

I could be wrong, but I don't think you stand an earthly in so short a time.

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Cruise Fairy - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 13:33)

I doubt you can complete the formalities in time, but email and they can tell you. BTW- You have to get married in port, not at sea.

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Taylor - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 14:17)

I wouldn't bother if I were you. It sounds a very romantic idea but could be trouble for you in the future. There seems to be no guarantee that any such wedding would be recognised as legal in this country, and since the normal minimum waiting period is 16 days, it quite possibly would not be recognised. If you really must go ahead try and get a guarantee from the cruise line. If they can't give you a cast iron guarantee, forget it!

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Malcolm Oliver - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 16:41)

If you do a back to back cruise, you could probably get divorced as well! ;).

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Hewitt - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 16:42)

Havent times changed,in my day it was the man that popped the question.

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peter Gibson - Answered a Question by melin (31 Mar 10 21:15)

Very very slim and no chance.

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melin - Answered a Question by melin (10 May 10 16:23)

Guys you better have alook at this? okay here goes: 1. In total must have completed both on-line and hard copy 30 forms in all for whole family from start to finish including 4 immigration forms at Barbados which is standard but had to be completed twice because duplicates were required and they didn't have forms that produced carbon copy. 4 more health forms before embarking onto the ship, 4 more immigration forms at San Juan where we had to get off and queue and go through the whole immigration process again which wasted a morning of our holiday - and 4 more immigration forms again to disembark at Barbados. The forms that were completed prior to our holiday on line weren't looked at. The amount of administration and form-filling that the passenger is required to do for just one week's holiday is absurd and totally disproportionate so will never go with Carnival again. We expected to be able to sit on our balcony and relax and look at the ocean, instead, we had to spend time completing yet more forms. With previous cruises we have only had to complete the usual 2 forms to embark and disembark. 2. Gratuities - paid US$280 in total up front in advance for gratuities. We were then expected to pay a 15% gratuity on every single drink, even if we went to the bar and got it ourselves and even if the boys just wanted a bottle of water. So again, will not go with Carnival because we do not agree with this policy - gratuities should be "discretionary" not compulsory and should be paid only after the service has been provided if you are happy. 3. Had to pay adult prices for our two 16 year old boys but they were not allowed into the Karaoke Bar which is ridiculous - we cannot see how watching Karaoke is going to harm them in any way. They were also not allowed to just watch in the Casino yet American children of 8 years old were allowed to sit at the roulette table with their parents. Our boys were also not allowed into the O2 club (which is for teenagers 15-17 yrs and which is one of the reasons we chose Carnival) - without, yes you've guessed it - completing forms!! 3. The invoice clearly stated that we would get a transfer to airport from cruise ship on return journey. No transfer available so we had to pay US$ 50 for a taxi - lucky we won this on the casino the night before or we would have been stuck! We have kept the receipt and would appreciate a refund at least on this expense. 4. The comedian - Percy Crews - was very funny for about an hour but then went into a political tirade for about half an hour about how badly the US Government treated the Vietnam war vets, in particular his family - this was not meant to be funny so not part of the "comedy" act - it is unacceptable for a comedian who is supposed to be entertaining passengers to use this stage as a chance to vent his personal political views - and a cruise ship is certainly not the place for this bearing in mind that we are all trying to get away from the horrors of this world for just a brief time while we are on holiday. Would be more than happy to discuss with Carnival and appreciate some feedback/compensation? The ship itself, service and food were of excellent quality so it is a great shame that the above points will prevent us from booking with Carnival again. (enjoyed that !!) .

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