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Costa Fascinosa

OVERVIEW: Costa Cruises is for those who want to enjoy the casual life to the full. It does a good job of providing first-time cruise passengers with a packaged seagoing vacation – particularly for families with children – that’s a mix of sophistication and chaos, accompanied by loud music everywher

Norwegian Pearl

OVERVIEW: Plenty of choices, including many dining options, add up to an attractive vacation package, highly suitable for families with children, in a floating leisure center that provides ample facilities for enjoyment. The dress code is very casual – no jacket and tie needed – although you are wel

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By Gater, Newcastle, Staffs on 23rd Apr 2014
This was the first time that my wife and I have cruised. What an experience! Cruise ship was Azura evening dining in the Oriental Restaurant, faultless food and service. In fact the whole dining experience including the buffet was a real pleasure...  Read More >>
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Sailing the Dream
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The Dream is great in size but the staff do a super job to keep you special. We stayed in an inside staterrom which was of an acceptable size with a virtual porthall, there was space under the bed to fit our suitcase...  Read More >>
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we are going on a P and O cruise on the azura in April 2012 and I do not want to pay gratuites, up front I like to pay as we go, I think it is totally wrong,in fact it is spoiling the whole holiday before we go. any suggestions,
Submitted by - Kilkelly, Lincoln - United Kingdom on 4th Jan 2012 / Subject - P&O Cruises mediterranean Tips/gratuities
20 answers, 3747 views
Comment by Holden, Liverpool (18 Jan 12 23:47) about a COMMENT by corley (15 Jan 12 12:54)
As there is no cash used on board, with all purchases being charged to your room account, there isn't a "tipping culture". Just back from 4 weeks on Ventura; First day, £44.80 for each of us charged to our on board account. This is 28 days @ £1.60 to cover any tips in the Dining room as we were freedom dining, i.e. could be different waiters every night. Last day put whatever we like in envelope for cabin steward. Suggested amount was £44 each; we were more than happy to give more, but could have easily given less. Therefore in 4 weeks we gave 1 tip, no "culture there". - Drink prices are on a par with average pub prices, certainly cheaper than London. £3 pint of Stella, £3.00 or £3.50 for cocktail of the day. Best bit is Duty free shop; 2 x 1L Napoleon Brandy was £12, 2 x 1L Smirnoff was £15, so you can drink in your cabin/balcony for less than you do at home. - Obviously no tipping culture in Peterborough!
18 Jan 12 23:47 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Baron, Chard (08 Jan 12 09:57) about a QUESTION by Kilkelly (04 Jan 12 20:48)
I agree. Our opinion is that shipping companies should pay their employees a decent wage, so that they don't have to rely on tips. Tipping should be a reward for exceptional service over and beyond the steward's normal jub routine.
08 Jan 12 09:57 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by J. Walker, Seascale (05 Jan 12 19:47) about a QUESTION by Kilkelly (04 Jan 12 20:48)
We always have freedom dining on P&O, so are used to having a meagre £1.60 per person per day removed; now we'll be able to do the same for the £1.50 for the cabin steward, which saves us from having to sort out bundles of £ notes for the last evening. However, this doesn't suit everyone, and P&O have made it clear that all grats can be removed on board. Do your own thing, and enjoy your cruise!- Jo.
05 Jan 12 19:47 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Question by siddles, atherstone (11 Dec 12 15:48) about a COMMENT by J. Walker (05 Jan 12 19:47)
can we waiver our tips on azura so we can just tip who we want to tip
11 Dec 12 15:48 -
Comment by Kilkelly, Lincoln (05 Jan 12 23:26) about a COMMENT by J. Walker (05 Jan 12 19:47)
thank you that seems very reasonable, when we had paid we were told it would be about £12 per person per day which seems alot on top of what we have paid already.
05 Jan 12 23:26 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Rae, Walton-on-Thames (06 Jan 12 10:48) about a COMMENT by Kilkelly (05 Jan 12 23:26)
Sounds like your worry was caused by misinformation from your booking agent! It is, as stated by Walker, £3.10 per person per day. It is not paid in advance, merely taken from your onboard account at the end of your cruise and can be adjusted if you feel it necessary.
06 Jan 12 10:48 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by morris, st columb (05 Jan 12 13:18) about a QUESTION by Kilkelly (04 Jan 12 20:48)
You will be able to reduce the amount, remove them altogether, or leave them on it is entirely up to you....don't feel intimidated by others as you see fit and enjoy your cruise!!
05 Jan 12 13:18 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Kilkelly, Lincoln (05 Jan 12 23:20) about a COMMENT by morris (05 Jan 12 13:18)
thank you wiseman, very kind of you, we don't want not to tip but, like to tip certain people and the cabin staff, we have never not tipped.
05 Jan 12 23:20 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Rankin, Southampton (05 Jan 12 14:34) about a COMMENT by morris (05 Jan 12 13:18)
Agree with you entirely. I cannot understand why some people always assume that by removing the account system in favour of tipping personally that they are trying to avoid tipping. I prefer to tip personally, always have and always will. Some people will always dodge tipping but i believe they are a very small percentage compared to the vast majority who do tip by whatever means..... Regards Ian
05 Jan 12 14:34 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by wiseman, York (04 Jan 12 23:32) about a QUESTION by Kilkelly (04 Jan 12 20:48)
don't know if i'm reading it wrong but i think they are saying they don't want to pre-pay their gratuities before they go . they said ' i like to pay as we go ' , meaning when actually they are actually on the cruise.
04 Jan 12 23:32 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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