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Cruise Answers - Question: Service charge I am all for tipping when...

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Carnival Victory

OVERVIEW: Carnival Victorybelongs to Carnival Cruise Lines’ Destiny class, along withCarnival Conquest,Carnival Freedom,Carnival Glory,Carnival Liberty, Carnival Sunshine,Carnival Valor, andCarnival Victory. The ship is quite stunning to look at, and built to impress at every turn, although it has e

Silver Galapagos

OVERVIEW: Silver Galápagosoperates two specific Galápagos cruise itineraries year-round from Baltra, Ecuador. It suits couples and single travelers who want to cruise around the primitive islands, but want to do so in comfortable, stylish surroundings.

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Service charge I am all for tipping when I have had good service however I understand Cunard charge a flat 15% service charge I sure it won't be an issue but what if I feel the service wasn't up to scratch can I refuse to pay and tip accordingly.
Submitted by - Ravensdale, London - United Kingdom on 17th Jan 2012 / Subject - Cunard Cruises Tips/gratuities
8 answers, 2716 views
Comment by Wilba, . (17 Jan 12 15:04) about a QUESTION by Ravensdale (17 Jan 12 10:36)
The 15% is charged on drinks and services and is non negotiable. This is completely separate to the $11 per day to cover the hotel staff. The chances of the service being 'not up to scratch' on one of the worlds leading cruise lines is highly unlikely............Wilba
17 Jan 12 15:04 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Ravensdale, (18 Jan 12 14:15) about a COMMENT by Wilba (17 Jan 12 15:04)
I'm sure yourright its not really about the money I suppose, it's more the idea that you have no choice. I work in the service industry and know that a lot of the staff live on their tips, but, I find that when there is a "Service charge" staff seem to be a little complacent about service. Thanks for the info Thomas
18 Jan 12 14:15 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Smith, Hull (17 Jan 12 12:27) about a QUESTION by Ravensdale (17 Jan 12 10:36)
Cunard charge 15% service charge on drinks in bars and restaurants, plus $11 pppd gratuity or $13 pppd in grills and suite staterooms. As suggested by Reed, the info is out there and seems to be a thorn in the side for many! Tipping is a way of life on cruises and pays the wages of many, rightly or wrongly! I personally would rather have this "hidden" in the cruise fare and this would end the endless debates on the subject! or would it.............
17 Jan 12 12:27 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by reed, skegness (17 Jan 12 11:33) about a QUESTION by Ravensdale (17 Jan 12 10:36)
May I respectfully suggest that you use the excellent search facility at the top of the questions page to search out the numerous previous questions on tipping policy on Cunard or read the small print on your documentation to ascertain whether it is compulsory or can be removed.
17 Jan 12 11:33 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by McNamara, NYC (21 Jan 12 06:31) about a COMMENT by reed (17 Jan 12 11:33)
Thanks for your suggestion but the only problem is on Cunard's website they don't mention anywhere whether it is compulsory or can be removed.
21 Jan 12 06:31 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Walker, Rhyl (23 Apr 12 12:32) about a COMMENT by McNamara (21 Jan 12 06:31)
If you go to the Cunard website see here you will note it says "Tips are charged at a discretionary charge which is added to your on board account. If you wish to amend this you can do so by contacting the Purser's Desk once on board.". In the voyage guide one is sent pre-embarkation on page 23 it says "you are naturally free to tip any member of crewe over and above these amounts at your discretion", it says nothing about opting out. It's a purely personal thing and I also know that one can even ask the pursers office to remove the garatuities as late as the last day of the cruise. I for one rather resent the assumption of payment, it doesn't rest easily with me and although I've never cancelled the gratuities and even made additional payments to those who served us well, this year I will be opting out and personally give what we want. Hope that helps
23 Apr 12 12:32 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by gret, castle (14 Mar 12 16:17) about a COMMENT by McNamara (21 Jan 12 06:31)
Gratuities may be removed or amended by asking at reception. No comment will be made by reception staff, you are free to tip in what way you prefer.
14 Mar 12 16:17 - Reply - Was this comment useful?
Comment by Ferguson, London (21 Oct 12 11:49) about a COMMENT by gret (14 Mar 12 16:17)
We are currently cruising on the QE and I asked to have the gratuity removed, I was informed by the pursurs office that the $11 per day charge can be removed but the 15% tip is set my head office and cannot be removed. Following my enquiry I recieved a written response from the office with a copy of the company policy stating it cannot be removed - personally I think the $11 per day should be mandatoy and the 15% optional as why am I tipping a bar man every time I stand at the bar and order a drink? I am happy to tip but for good service, I find the staff very complacent as they always get a tip so do not try very hard.
21 Oct 12 11:49 - Reply - Was this comment useful?

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