LEONARD - Answered a Question by hopkins (06 Sep 08 10:58)

I did read somewhere, that when you pay the bill you ask for it to be taken off, and they should do that for you.

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a - Answered a Question by hopkins (06 Sep 08 11:41)

Tips are NOT automatically added on RCI. It is clearly explained on their website: Q: What are the guidelines for tipping on cruises? A: So that you can thank those who have made your cruise holiday better than you could have imagined, we've developed these guidelines for tipping: Stateroom attendant: USD 3.50 a day per guest, Dining Room Waiter: USD 3.50 a day per guest, Assistant Waiter: USD 2.00 a day per guest, Head Waiter: USD 0.75 a day per guest , Note: These tips apply to guests of all ages. Tips for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 15% tip will automatically be added to your bar or wine bill when you are served. Envelopes for tips will be provided in your stateroom on the last night of the cruise. Tips may be paid in the following ways: Pre-paid, by having them added to your reservation by your reservation agent. Added to your onboard SeaPass account. Paid in cash at the end of the cruise .

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Sessions - Answered a Question by hopkins (06 Sep 08 14:12)

You have it right only pay those that serve you best, its up to the cruise liners to pay the wages not us and if we want to tip a special person then it would be a credit to the person concerned.

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ross - Answered a Question by hopkins (06 Sep 08 18:03)

Sir, I'm afraid that the only insult is by yourself, as you stand and look those 4 members of staff, who rely on gratuities for their income, in the eye (as I am sure you will) and tell them that you will not be paying them their tips that week. Enjoy your cruise. Mr Sessions, you too are incorrect - you do not only 'pay those who serve you best' - you only pay the 4 people who are on the gratuity scheme. No more no less.

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Mazzoni - Answered a Question by hopkins (06 Sep 08 19:48)

Goodness since I have started looking at this website gratuities really do stir the emotions! I don't see what the problem is! Travel with an American cruise liner, pay the gratuities, its part of their culture and it would be deplorable not to pay them as the staff depend on this money. You don't like it don't travel with them. You are not going to change this system overnight and holding back on gratuities is not going to hurt the big companies just the poor staff who have bent over backwards for you all holiday. Book with a British liner who pay their staff, then at least you know you are tipping over and above. Yes as Brits its easy to say I want to tip those who serve me best however its a different culture to what we are used to. We just add it into the cost of our holiday. Its well documented all over literature that its expected, if it offended us that much we would choose to travel with companies that paid their staff the minimum wage. All that will happen if the American companies paid their staff minimum wage is that we would pay for it in the cost of cruise! We would pay for it either way!

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Imontouyou - replied to Mazzoni (07 Sep 08 03:23)

So, your words, 'it would be deplorable not to pay them as the staff depend on this money!!! yet the passengers who pay a lot of money for their cruise are also 'paying the staff ' in tips , and the 'big companies' are laughing all the way to the bank! Is this right?

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ross - replied to Imontouyou (07 Sep 08 10:19)

Mr Mazzoni - I applaud you and your clear concise description of the issue. What people on these boards do not seem to be able to grasp is that America is a tipping-driven society. A handful of miserable Brits saying 'I'm not going to tip and that will force the Americans to pay a proper wage' is not going to change the mindset and the culture of 300 million Americans. You go to America = you tip. You cruise on an Ameican cruise ship = you tip.

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Bradbury - replied to ross (07 Sep 08 16:44)

Surely you are missing the point. No one is saying they dont want to tip -its all about being in control. (Bit like the difference between a direct Debit and a Standing Order - Another of my pet hates). We do not go into a restaurant anywhere in the world and before we sit down to eat, say heres my £20 dollar tip for your service. We wait until the end of the meal and give a tip based on the service given. That is in effect what some of us want to do, simply decide who and how much and not have it taken up front before we have even had the service.

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John - replied to Bradbury (07 Sep 08 18:17)

This is one of the more sensible comments on this emotive issue.

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Mazzoni - replied to Imontouyou (07 Sep 08 18:10)

Yes, just about! My argument was that if you don't accept tipping choose not to cruise with American companies, but not giving gratuities is not going to hurt them, just the staff. Choosing not to sail with them may hurt more! We personally would much prefer that staff were paid a decent wage and you could tip accordingly, as we do within our culture. Until such times as this is standard within the American cruise market (and I'm not holding my breath)continuing to cruise with American companies and moaning about tipping won't help anyone.

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